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rjx2 on 2020-06-13
Table version : 0.9 beta

Nice table and sounds. And nice detail the golden ball. Did you make a new version?

TerryHenson on 2018-05-01
Table version : 0.9 beta

I like this film so much and you also was so inspired by it! Great work! If you have more, please don't be shy to share it with us.

LadyScarlett01 on 2018-02-22
Table version : 0.9 beta

merci bien.

rebooter on 2013-01-09
Table version : 0.9 beta


CRAIG D on 2013-01-08
Table version : 0.9 beta

Thanks for all your effort.


BIL on 2013-01-07
Table version : 0.9 beta

Beautiful orignal table, Matrix's atmosphere very well made, good holograms Smile
Not easy but addictive gameplay...Congratulations and thank you onlinechaos Wink


@toyotaboy: upper right flipper allow you to achieve green targets more easily! and thereby advance in gameplayWink

toyotaboy on 2013-01-07
Table version : 0.9 beta

nice music and artwork.  Upper right flipper seems useless?


momoch on 2013-01-05
Table version : 0.9 beta

I like very much your original creation, onlinechaos !

All the ingredients for a "big hit" are gathered in this table (playfield, style of the game, sounds and musics, colors and general atmosphere).

Bravo for this very beautiful realization and thank you very much to share it

police99 on 2013-01-05
Table version : 0.9 beta


funloving on 2013-01-05
Table version : 0.9 beta

tres belle table,merci onlinechaos!!!Wink

Table detail

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all bugs are glitches in the matrix ;-)

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