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momoch on 2013-01-13
Table version : RC2

A very nice and great update.

I appreciate it especially as I am a fan of the tables of period going from 60's to 80's.

shadowsclassics on 2013-01-12
Table version : RC2

Very nice graphics improvment over RC1.  Looks and plays very nice! Great job! Smile

rebooter on 2013-01-12
Table version : RC2


jcp on 2013-01-11
Table version : RC2

Fantastic table : thanks for all.

mento123 on 2013-01-11
Table version : RC2


celenoide on 2013-01-11
Table version : RC2

Muchas gracias por la tabla , hermosos graficosCool

ander on 2013-01-11
Table version : RC2


This is a 1965 Bally table, BTW (info wasn't in your listing).

police99 on 2013-01-11
Table version : RC2


Table detail

BandWagon RC2 stats

byLeon Spalding, pinballParade
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
IPDB Number163


This is Leon's table (RC1). I have drawn over the top of Krellan's original Olympus camera shots using the few resources I have. I added the top button and fixed the code for the top lanes (100 points).

I didn't fix the tilt handler yet. Game will still lock if 2 people tilt out in a 3-4 person game (errr this only effects games with 3 or more players). I will take the tilt tree out and replace it with a loop/counter for the final release.


The library that comes with table is large. I have included regular textures in the folder called low. Just replace the library if you have problems on the bigger set. I have set all large textures to power of 2 and I have deleted all unused resources out of the table (textures/models).

Please see WIP thread at gopinball.  :)

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