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RingMaster on 2016-09-16
Table version : 1.04

This Rocks ! Thank you ! Cool


darkslayerrc45 on 2016-06-28
Table version : 1.04

How do I play the table when it is a .rar file in Future Pinball? This is the first one that I have found that is in that format and I am not sure how to make it work. Any suggestions? Thanks

noiseprisoner on 2015-01-27
Table version : 1.04

Such a blast to play and a good variety of tunes mixed in. One of my favorites! Thanks a bunch!

6elvis9 on 2013-05-27
Table version : 1.04

Muy bueno !!! Gracias !!!

police99 on 2013-01-31
Table version : 1.04


rebooter on 2013-01-30
Table version : 1.04


Br0ck_71 on 2013-01-30
Table version : 1.04

Metal up your ass! Metallica and pinball, my teenage years fed back to me in one quick download, thanks so much.

goldorak33 on 2013-01-30
Table version : 1.04

Le flipper qui donne la pêche!! tout est grandiose, merci!!

BIL on 2013-01-30
Table version : 1.04

Very good table + great music Cool

Thank you very much !

lolo02100 on 2013-01-30
Table version : 1.04

Encore une belle table,merci

Table detail

Metallica Ultra 1.04 stats

byfrancisco666, SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number5478

FP Recreation By:

- Francisco666

ULTRA Edition Mod by:


Guitar Toy and Spotlights by Steve Paradis.

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