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LadyScarlett01 on 2018-06-17
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

merci bien.

muzik on 2015-07-25
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

WoW, fantastic table Laughing thanks so much

FlyinEye on 2014-07-27
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

I always say I have faveorites not a favorite. But if I could only have one table, this would be it. Maybe because I'm an audio engineer, but I LOVE your sounds in this game. The soundtrack and all the effects are great. They add so much atmosphere to this game. The game play is great. Once you start getting the bonus things going it's a ton of fun. This table is so well put together all the way around. Even the light effects when it's waking up and the breakingt of ice sounds is amazing. I like to launch just to watch it go through that sequence. There are so many detals in this, and I know I've barely taped it. I only wish it was 5 angels so I could have 5 balls to experience more of this great table!

ghostmachine on 2014-06-02
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

very nice. works good. Cool ha ha "leave me alone" very good game. 5 stars.

gauntlet_lover on 2014-04-20
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Thanks for another! Looks great, sounds great. It is amazing like the original! Runs great! At first I was having an fps problem but it turned out to be unrelated. Great Table!

stevegooner123 on 2014-02-12
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Great update to an excellent table. Thanks guys :-)

eddybertani on 2014-02-10
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Great table.

mrandersonneo2001 on 2014-02-09
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6

excelent! thank you mate.


hyperball91 on 2014-02-09
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6

Fantastic table even before Slams mod. @kid, you need to get yourself a decent video card as the table is nice and smooth for me and plays great. Now I'm gonna make the ball blood red to finish the table off. Cool

GALACTICGAMES on 2014-02-08
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6

Great game even before Slam reqorked the game.  As for the speed it works great on one PC at a AMD athlon 3200 2.6 ghz. on low settings.  and I have a laptop at AMD Phenom II Triple core 2.2 ghz. at max settings and no problem.


kid on 2014-02-01
Table version : 1.01

what kind of High Tech PC ya need to play that TaBLe smooth? on my System iT's F#@*K'N Stutter as HELL! can ya handle it? can ya? MY CPU X-plode!Undecided

dYZER on 2013-07-21
Table version : 1.01


6elvis9 on 2013-05-07
Table version : 1.01

wow !!! Smile

power_lord on 2013-04-02
Table version : 1.01

One of the best tables so far.Cool

senhordd on 2013-02-26
Table version : 1.01


Strac.CRO on 2013-02-12
Table version : 1.01

what are the changes?

lighting FX only ?

Is it optimized for  2.5 physics ?

MASCLTHRCUB on 2013-02-08
Table version : 1.01

Great looking table but it won't load in my editor takes over 3 mins to load and sometimes FP crashes. I finally did get it up and running and the table looks and sounds good but the ball plunger does not work great it won't even hardly plunge the ball into the playfield and then the ball jerks around to much and I even had all my video preferences set to maximum play I think you needed to re-test it before you released it I had to delete the files im looking for the real table now see if it works and functions differently. I have a fast computer should of handled it but hey thats life. 

Wade007 on 2013-01-31
Table version : 1.01

Looks interesting. I love the original. What's different in the Ultra "mod"?

police99 on 2013-01-31
Table version : 1.01


rebooter on 2013-01-30
Table version : 1.01


Numiah on 2013-01-30
Table version : 1.01

This already was one of the better tables, if not the best of all times.

Yet, you've succeeded to add just that special SLAMT!LT touch.

Excellent work, as always.

BIL on 2013-01-30
Table version : 1.01

Thank you for this excellent mod Russell !

Stunning table SurprisedSurprised

Table detail

Three Angels ULTIMATE 1.02 Physics 2.6 stats

byBlindMankind homepage , centinex, SLAMT1LT homepage

For a complete description and features of this table visit:


This is a mod of the original table found and downloadable here:


' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.02 **


' improved lighting

' added more voice samples

' fixed ball getting stuck on upper playfield

' adjusted upper flipper power


' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.01 **


' improved lighting

' improved physics

' improved graphics

' added more music tracks

' added more sound fx

' added new mechanical sounds

' added new gameroom graphic

' added coloured chrome trim

' opimized for better performance 


** ULTRA 1.01 **


This mod changes the original by adding new mechanical sounds and improved lighting effects. Works with Physics 2.5 as well.


A new music track, the theme from "The Omen" has also been added and now replaces the original "Batman - Dark Knight" theme music of the original table. The theme music from "The Omen" seemed more fitting for the table.


Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex