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FrankT on 2016-10-22
Table version : 2.0

Oh, this is a thing!? Well that's interesting because right now I'm obsessed with the new series on Netflix. I'll give this a try!

gellijack on 2013-05-18
Table version : 2.0

Thanks for a great first effort. Fun game Now I have played it, it isn't so good. Do you know that 80 percent or ball that go to the side go down the hole. Great if you think we are going to pay money

power_lord on 2013-05-18
Table version : 2.0

The table is getting better and better... Cool

Thank you.

tron37 on 2013-02-19
Table version : 1.01

Very cool table! Was hoping someone would do a Voltron theme. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the Hyperpin wheel image.

rebooter on 2013-02-18
Table version : 1.01


CrimsonTurtle616 on 2013-02-16
Table version : 1.01

Really fun! I found myself trying over again constantly to try to get one more colored ball. I've never played a five ball multiball before :P

massico88 on 2013-02-16
Table version : 1.01

Got to see the it goes along now !!

Thanks a lot.

Nice Pinball !!!


Just played the table !!

I love it. Nice thrill to get the color balls !!


One question. and this is for many tables..

How do I get to see the score ( / not working ) ?

Thanks again.saecrow. NICE WORK !!

Pleurotus on 2013-02-15
Table version : 1.01

Excelente tabla para ser tu primera tabla, tu hijo estara encantado. Gracias ya funciona el score. A ver si me animo yo y aprendo a hacer una tabla, ya me gustaria que mi primera tabla fuera la mitad de buena que la tuya. Gracias

saecrow on 2013-02-15
Table version : 1.01

Please Note: I have figured out and resolved the (lack of) Score display issue on the playfield for single monitor players. Thanks for checking it outLaughing

massico88 - Thank you! Glad you like it! Pleurotus - thank you for the comments.

Strac.CRO - black background with stars for outerspace theme - and stark contrast with the other colors. Ramps are a bit beyond me for my very limited exposure to building a table but you're welcome to add them if you like. 

police99 on 2013-02-15
Table version : 1.00


Strac.CRO on 2013-02-14
Table version : 1.00

good table but why black background?

+ how about a ramp or two?

Table detail

Voltron - Defender of the Universe 2.0 stats


This is my first ever attempt at creating a table (I am not a programmer) - but my 12 yr old son thought it would be cool to have a Voltron table so I gave it a go - and now he wants it published! Everything seems to be working, so here it is. If you like lots of drop targets and lots of nudging, I think you will enjoy it.

Ver. 2.0

*Added Multiplayer

*Added Mode Completion Memory Function

*Added Outlane Gates and Gate Triggers

*Added Active Player Light Indicator on Backglass

*Switched Out Plastic Pegs for Metal Posts


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