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Lyle Watts on 2019-05-22
Table version : 1.05

This game was developing for the next generation that was among the all generation this was about the format of having these details. I need to get this game so I took help from this was the famous site that have the all new and old game along with its crack that was available on this.

LadyScarlett01 on 2018-06-18
Table version : 1.05



yolomate on 2016-12-27
Table version : 1.05

this table close in the las moment..I no idea why!!!

skpManiac on 2015-04-03
Table version : 1.05

Ball gets stuck after launch - same as 1.02 - any ideas guys? Thanks

jamesmauler on 2015-03-27
Table version : 1.05

Love everything except the ball launcher, the ball just dissapears and keeps searching.  Anyone know how to fix this?


malocite on 2014-07-24
Table version : 1.05

Love this table - its so cool - but I can only get the launcher and flippers to work.   I cannot launch the probes or shoot asteroids... can anyone tell me what I'm missing?

thelastwarrior on 2014-02-21
Table version : 1.05

nice table but the highscores need work it shows it much less then what i scored will there be a fix for it?

Skybuck on 2014-01-12
Table version : 1.05

So far no version of this table is working for me... it crashes when bar is full I can hear: "welcome aboard" and boom crash... using latest fb version...

Ok setting model quality to high fixed it for me ! COOL.

Funny thing is ball shoot of rail near left probe launcher... and then it searched for balls and it gave a new replacement ball over and over again which then get stuck on the rail it was funny. Ball that shoot off was stuck between rail and the probe shooter...

Unique on 2013-11-25
Table version : 1.05

Im not sure what Jose is doing, but downloaded the rar file, unpacked it and works flawless.

The only bug this future pinball has is if the framerate is too high, eg >300fps, then most tables/scripts stop working. Luckily i can use vsync on 90hz which makes lag OK and no framerate overflow problems.

bullwinkle55 on 2013-11-16
Table version : 1.05

Jose Sinclair...Dont care if you never get it working. Telling people what a great software developer you are and they should "Stick to their day jobs" is just being an arrogant a$$hole.This table may have been difficult to create but a piece of cake to install. I needed to change a few settings myself to get it working (preferences / video/rendering options and change model quality from medium to high is one of the most commen solutions) but I found it to be one of the nicest tables I ever tried and am very greatfull to the guys who created it. I mentioned the model quality change for those who ask politley not someone who chose to be rude rather than ask for help. but why would you. you are obviously too intelligent to bother

Jose Sinclair on 2013-08-21
Table version : 1.05

I'M DONE WITH STTNG on FP, FOREVER -- NONE of the versions work in any memory model -- THIS is the only FP table like this, so something is wrong in here from day ONE ..

I've spent about 10 hrs on veraious settings and every versioln of this b/c I"m a former sw/db developer in Silicon Valley and have always gotten anyone's non-working software to work..

THIS one sets a new standard.. having a decent INSTALL for a table would help, this one generates over 2000 FILES after extraction, it's anyone's guess as to where they all really belong.,. nothing I've tried has worked, so GOOD WORK GUYS! all this time on a conversion that's STOPPED by thousands of misplaced files...

ARGH -- stick to your day jobs, LOL.. really, these guys other tables all work, so someone should look at what is DIFFERENT with this table, other than tons of files labeled IMAGE, FONT, OBJECT, etc..

first thing I always did in development: make a simple INSTALL for the testers that had every module's correvt version in it so the testers and I waer on the the same page.. I didn't hae to say "make sure you have version 1.9.1, the one from 1/1/2013, 5pm or later, and change the STTNG tectures file, and blah, blah, blah..

giving this FOUR stars is a professional courtesy for the EFFORT, not the RESULT


kaz321123 on 2013-07-19
Table version : 1.05

To fix crashing try this:

Under Preferences>Editor Preferences:

Make sure that "Load Image into Editor" is UNCHECKED.

This exact fix worked for me immediately!  Please try it.

hugser on 2013-04-30
Table version : 1.05

Amazing work, geat recreation. just one thing. The hiscores table don't have the same values as the score in game. why's that?

malfurion on 2013-04-07
Table version : 1.05

Table works perfectly
sorry butare not practicalwith the changes
how toleverage
thedmdfrom the first floor
for thecabversion?
can someonehelp methanks

simbamame on 2013-04-03
Table version : 1.05

video rendering in future pinball, works for me a few little issues but 99% +1 guys Smile

mick61 on 2013-04-01
Table version : 1.05

how do I find preferences>video/rendering options. I use win7 home premium 64bit


inframun2 on 2013-03-29
Table version : 1.05

Crash report =(


mortuus on 2013-03-28
Table version : 1.05

cant get it running, have tryied changed graphic options it crashes on load 100%.. please help :( baah.....

power_lord on 2013-03-24
Table version : 1.05


10 STARS !!!Cool

pinsim2013 on 2013-03-23
Table version : 1.05

As an avid payer of the original machine, this is a stunning recreation. That all the lights and drops and kicks work, plus customization makes this in some ways better than the original.

Win 7 x64, nvidia 560ti, 1080p widescreen.

pinwolf on 2013-03-17
Table version : 1.05

Crash at 100%?

Try this:

click on Preferences > Video/Rendering Options, then in the lower right corner set Model Quality to "High"

- turn off all windows background processes with an utility like 'EndItAll' or 'TaskPower'

- put your firewall/anti-virus on 'game mode' or go off-line and switch it off.

- in video / rendering options put all options to lowest specification possible (only Model Qualitiy to high) 

Idea is to make available as much power on your system as possible...

If you get it running you can then try to 'pimp-up' in video / rendering options.

Additional Tip:

Garfield6200 on 2013-03-16
Table version : 1.05

I tried Pinwolf's fix.  It still did not work. I have a Win7/64 bit system.  Any other ideas?

JoeCat on 2013-03-15
Table version : 1.05

UnREAL! This baby is chock full of excellence! Amazing graphics and awesome sound. The DMD visuals are awesome! Bravo!

Spongebong on 2013-03-15
Table version : 1.05

Great table thanks.


SLAMT1LT on 2013-03-14
Table version : 1.05

Turn on V-Sync to fix the ball disappearing bug.  This table is by far the most demanding and most complex table ever attempted in Future Pinball.  It pushes the program to it's absolute limits but can work 100% on any system with the right adjustments. (my sys: Wn 7/64bit)

Dennis on 2013-03-12
Table version : 1.05

1,05 crashes after loading 100%

win 7. 64bit.

Aly clue how to fix this?




Crash at 100%?

Try this:

click on Preferences > Video/Rendering Options, then in the lower right corner set Model Quality to "High"

ale094 on 2013-03-12
Table version : 1.05

Table version : 1.05


1.05 crashes after loading 100%

win 7 x32

espirito on 2013-03-12
Table version : 1.05

1.05 crashes after loading 100%

win 7 64bit. Cry

Solstar on 2013-03-11
Table version : 1.05

crashes with win 7 x64

Coaster on 2013-03-11
Table version : 1.05

Just like previous versions it crashes. Win 7 64 bit. Sure wish I could play it.

zolkirs on 2013-03-11
Table version : 1.05

THX.Perfect work! One of the best tables, but  the ball is little bit slow.


dunker on 2013-03-10
Table version : 1.05

Stunning attention to detail, thankyou so much! Awesome table!

Diavole on 2013-03-10
Table version : 1.05

Thanks, this works awesomely Laughing

Floflo28 on 2013-03-10
Table version : 1.05

Well, butthere is abig bug?Frown

BALL disappears after launching (at the end of the ramp)

To reviewto correct errors.

zauche on 2013-03-09
Table version : 1.05

Looks really nice, but:

BALL disappears after launching (at the end of the ramp)  !!

--> UNPLAYABLE !!! :(

mthompson on 2013-03-09
Table version : 1.05

crashes during loading. win 7 64.

Strac.CRO on 2013-03-09
Table version : 1.05


 yay, thank you, thank you, thank you

ninjapinball on 2013-03-08
Table version : 1.05

For some reason my ball dissappears as soon as I launch it?

PsychoPsonic on 2013-03-08
Table version : 1.05

A fittingly deluxe tribute to one of the greatest tables of all time.  If only my real STTNG machine had this truly amazing sound package, which takes the great original audio to another galaxy of excellence entirely.  OUTSTANDING!

ango on 2013-03-08
Table version : 1.05

Absolutely outstanding! Thx for this beautiful one!

I have to restart FP. If not I´ve got an "out of memory" error.

bluntside on 2013-03-08
Table version : 1.05

FP crashes right after loading bar get to 100% :(


goldorak33 on 2013-03-08
Table version : 1.05

Merci au commandant de bord et à son équipage pour ce fabuleux voyage dans l' espace!

LoadedWeapon on 2013-03-08
Table version : 1.05

Magnify,Magnify,Magnify,DAMMIT..... LoL I Loved that.. My fav. Pinball table just got better Thanks to everyone that helped make it happen.. Nice to see my Wheel art get put to good use :)

police99 on 2013-03-08
Table version : 1.05


urielll on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.05

wow thx guys 5 stars x 2

momoch on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.05

Spendid !

Br0ck_71 on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.05

An awesome table just got.. Awesomer!

Unbelieveably cool.

A strange object...  LOL

1970warlord on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.05

Really noticeable improvements! Cool

Thank you SLAMT1LT for your great edition!

BIL on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.05

Beautiful mod Russell Smile

Thank you very Much Wink

arris on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.04

como siempre exelente graficon muy bueno jugavilidad magnifica 

rebooter on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.04


stevegooner123 on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.04

thanks very much guys,fantastic work Wink

senhordd on 2013-03-07
Table version : 1.04

great work, tnx Cool

Table detail

Star Trek - The Next Generation (20th Anniversary Edition) 1.05 stats

byfrancisco666, rom, SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number2357







'Specials thanks to WTIGER and SHVRN for the images source



' 20th Anniversary Edition by SLAMT1LT:


' movie clips added

' new quotes and sound effects added

' new music added

' added new and original match mode - win to continue playing

' hurry up mode completed

' added Pickard Manoevure

' video mode improved with artifact award

' lighting improved

' added playfield shadows

' added ULTRA Flashing lighting effects

' added backglass lighting

' physics improved

' all modes improved

' DMD animations improved

' all bugs found and eliminated

' added option of change balls per game and other options with onscreen 'computer'

' improved match sequence

' all ramp shots have been improved

' attract seqence improved

' added rank system for easy or normal mode

' bonus can now be skipped by pressed both flippers

' plus so many other little tweaks


  ** Version 1.05 **


' fixed a bug that would crash FP on some systems

' adjusted left VUK for better feed to wire ramp


' ** Up to Version 1.04 **


' fixed Borg Multiplayer bug: If 3rd canon shot to Neutral Zone kicker, balls would come out at the same time

' fixed Final Frontier Artifact count which would sometimes show incorrect value

' when opting for points in Video Mode, a multiplier is added for each round (25M - round one, 50M round two, 75M round three...etc)

' added sound when Rank is maxed

' ball lock will no longer function during Ferengi Multiball

' fixed some voice samples overlapping

' fixed current mode not pausing when VM is active (when selecting 25M)

' adjusted some timers for better game flow

' improved some ramp shots

' added new sounds

' improved lighting effects

' added animated video clip during attract sequence

' numerous other tweaks



' ** Disable GLSL Shaders must be unticked to see the end of game match animation **

Loading ...
Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex