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meliane39 on 2015-08-16
Table version : 1.3

bug sound .......Tongue out

Works4me on 2014-12-30
Table version : 1.0

Fun table

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-07-06
Table version : 1.0

merci bien.

GeorgeT93 on 2013-11-06
Table version : 1.0

I've downloaded and enjoyed several of your tables now (though I haven't voted or commented on a few of them yet, as I want more playtime with them to ensure my vote is decided fairly,) however out of the tables of yours that I've tried so far, this one is my favorite! Great layout, plays great, and is just plain fun! Thank you for all your hard work on creating these great, fun tables.
My only suggestion (and that's all this is, is a suggestion, not a criticism,) is it would be nice if you added a sound for the quarter dropping when adding credits to the machines.

ander on 2013-07-08
Table version : 1.0

Tii, you're awesome.

hawkshaw on 2013-07-02
Table version : 1.0

Very cool machine. This and Atomic Billiards are your best works. Excellent job !

police99 on 2013-07-01
Table version : 1.0


skinooe on 2013-07-01
Table version : 1.0

your best TableCool

GHW3rdLife on 2013-07-01
Table version : 1.0

This is one of your best tables, thanks!

BernieGeorge on 2013-07-01
Table version : 1.0

Thank you.  Laughing

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