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BeachBum TN on 2019-12-12
Table version : 1.0

I have always loved this music and the table is gorgeous. However, after the first ball is lost I get a distorted humming sound and unable to get a second ball - the table simply does not respond. If anyone has suggestions please post since I would really enjoy playing this table. Thank you!

UPDATE: I reinstalled VP and BAM conbo and all is working correctly. Thanks!

Table detail

Scheherazade 1.0 stats

byAnthias homepage

Rules for Sheherazade:

3 target bank lights RHSflasher for 3x bumpers
4 target bank lights LHS flasher for 3x loops
5 target bank opens rear lock
hit rear lock to open front lock
hit kick RHS of bumpers to release multiball
Light ALL letters on translite (to spell SCHEHERAZADE) by dropping all targets, to increment table multiplier.
LOOP lights for 15 seconds, double score each shot within that time.
four red lights (outlanes, left kicker chute and RHS channel) to get ball saver.
three top lanes for bonus multiplier

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