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alexjamse on 2020-12-10
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

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nushra456 on 2020-12-01
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

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paul2 on 2020-11-11
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

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geltevofyu on 2020-10-25
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

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hannaswarn on 2020-08-06
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

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jeshen on 2020-01-01
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

this table is really awosem it's achallenge but when you learn the tricks and once to entered the arcade and move on next stage then it's too Good. <a href="">epikgo hoverboard price check</a>

Cameron56 on 2019-09-23
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

The physics book edition will help the student to get cool essay for the personal use. The new edition must be different from the other editions. Hoping for the improvements.

starac on 2015-05-02
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

amazing workTongue out

killar1979 on 2015-01-04
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

Awesome table...and to comment on the previous of lighting the TRON lights...yes this is a challenge but when you learn a trick or 2 to hit em it helps :) and once you've entered the arcade and moved on to the next stage its all good.... helps clock up some points trying to hit this table!!!

P.S Keep up the great work and please create the avengers!

ghostmachine on 2014-11-19
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

freakin on 2014-10-04
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

It's funny, I initially played this wondering why it was so linnear, then played the real Stern 1.3 table with all the features and was left wanting.  This is definitely a better, and cooler feeling table than the REAL Stern version.   And the progression gives you a nice goal.   I will say though, that the first step, lighting the TRON lights I find to be a headache.  I think the lights should stay lit personally after losing a ball if I were to make a suggestion. 

rasterX on 2014-08-28
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

Outstanding work! Better table than its real-life counterpart, in my opinion. Thanks for the update.

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-08-25
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

merci bien.

xxdpxxx on 2014-08-24
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

ZED s the best !

stevegooner123 on 2014-08-24
Table version : 1.05 Physics 2.6

Many thanks for update Slam & welcome back to future pinball Smile

happyloaf on 2014-07-22
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6

Great looking and sounding table. Physics 2.6 are a bit fast for my liking. My biggest issue with the table is the TRON targets down the side. They are too hard to hit directly. The sounds and graphics and DMD are all professional quality. 

kunghi on 2014-03-22
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6

Love this beautiful perfected Table - a real MASTERPIECE!Laughing
Very Professional and realistic - keep up the great work!!! RESPECT!Cool

hyperball91 on 2014-01-10
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6

Great table Slam! As usual your DMD animations are great. Good to see you even converted a VP fan, lol. I love these tables with 2.6 physics.

somberkiss on 2013-08-29
Table version : 1.08

Dude all of your tables are simply ravishing and they all play like a dream. I used to be a hardcore VP fan, but in recent times that is all changing since the overhaul on the physics in FP, simply astonishing!!

titomartinez on 2013-08-16
Table version : 1.08


gellijack on 2013-08-12
Table version : 1.08

Five stars for a $5K save on buying a Stern. I would give another 5 stars for your effort alone for this gem you have built

toyotaboy on 2013-08-12
Table version : 1.08

Still no stern, but pretty good for an original.  I dig the sound clips in this better than Stern's, and I like the kickback feature (I fight for the user).

police99 on 2013-08-12
Table version : 1.08


Table detail

TRON Legacy ULTIMATE 1.05 Physics 2.6 stats

bySLAMT1LT homepage

' ULTIMATE Edition Update:



' ** ULTIMATE Version 1.05 **


' fixed bug if player starts a new game before end of game sequence plays

' added ball search feature

' added "Ramps Remaining" when making ramps shots to unlock armory

' improved TRON and LEGACY lights

' improved bumper hit sounds during Clu Ball

' changed "BEGIN" to "NUDGE" for Disc Wars as player needs to nudge table to get all the Disc Warriors

' slightly increased ball saver grace timer



' ** ULTIMATE Version 1.04 **


' TRON, LEGACY and CLU lights now flash when ready

' new sound fx and quotes added

' fixed multiplier bug

' Tron arcade kicker changed to scoop model

' reduced number of bumper hits needed for Clu Ball

' added grace period after ball saver expires



' ** ULTIMATE Verison 1.01 **


' physics improved

' improved layout

' improved rules and gameplay

' added new mechanical sounds

' small bug fixes




' Tron VIP Updates:


' ramp entrance wider

' Armoury Kicker entrance wider

' relocated all LEGACY Targets

' resized both Slingshots (90% smaller)

' fixed numberous bugs

' ramp tally for ID Disc Mode is not reset for each new ball

' orbit tally for Light Cycle Mode is not reset for each new ball

' once open, the Arcade will stay open until hit

' some graphics have been improved

' gameroom now changes when player enters The Grid

' added neon TRON sign to lock down bar


' game is 16.4% more fun!




' ** Version 1.08 **


' fixed end of game not resetting for new round

' fixed rail lights still flashing after Zuse Mode




' ** Version 1.07 **


' improved plastic shine effect

' improved guide metalic look

' improved flipper sound

' replaced flynn arcade wall guide with new texture

' improved ramp texture

' improved end of game sequence

' fixed DMD graphic not showing when Rinzler is defeated during Disc Wars

' when Rinzler is defeated, the player is now awarded an extra ball




' ** Version 1.06 **


' fixed ramp triggers creating a script error.




' ** Version 1.05 **


' removed Ramp Boosters

' improved some mechanical sounds




' ** Version 1.04 **


' fixed end of game music not playing




' ** Version 1.03 **


' improved opening movie

' added new Daft Punk track

' added clip of Quorra

' fixed ramp tally which didn't reset for new game, allowing access to the Armoury

' fixed ball getting stuck behind ramp

' Armoury entrance widened




' ** Version 1.02 **


' end of game sequence improved

' fixed Portal Wizard Mode prompt not displaying

' fixed some voice samples overlapping

' playfield texture for Portal Wizard Mode was incorrect

' improved lighting for Zuse Mode

' fixed ball saver not working during Zuse Mode

' fixed no music at start of new round

' fixed playfield and lighting not turning back on for new round

' fixed Portal prompt showing when game is complete

' reduced some music levels

' fixed TRON LEGACY targets not resetting for Portal Mode

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex