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police99 on 2014-12-12
Table version : 1.04

Merci! bon travaille, super intréressante reproduction, bravo.

ghostmachine on 2014-11-23
Table version : 1.04

curut91 on 2014-09-18
Table version : 1.04

thanks for this



bumgahdna on 2014-08-30
Table version : 1.04

Great table! I love it!

However, I have issues with the dmds.  My backglass dmd is choppy but the one on the table runs great.  Of course with my cab I only need the backglass.  I can't figure out how to make the backglass one run smoothly


Thanks for all the hard work!. 



kunghi on 2014-08-30
Table version : 1.04

Great difficult table - a lot fun!
Very Professional and realistic - keep up the great work guys!!!

hoff thumb up

granit on 2014-08-25
Table version : 1.03

I'm afraid 

bug: the ball gets stuck behind the flippers.(metal rod)

delazeri494 on 2014-08-25
Table version : 1.03

Terminate Indiana Jones WIP 0.45 Please ..

stevegooner123 on 2014-08-24
Table version : 1.02

thanks for update to this superb table Slam Wink

alien9 on 2013-08-27
Table version : 1.03

superr cool :)

zomer on 2013-08-14
Table version : 1.03

Good table. Shame no-one spotted that you write Michael Caine's name with AE, not with EA.

gellijack on 2013-08-13
Table version : 1.03

Thanks for the effort guys

ander on 2013-08-12
Table version : 1.03

Fantastic—thanks! (Apparently inspired by Stern's 2008 "Batman", mostly with new backglass art.)

moravia on 2013-08-12
Table version : 1.03


Table detail

Batman: Joker Edition ULTIMATE 1.04 stats

byGlxb, Lord Hiryu, moogster66, Nash, polygame homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage

 ULTRA and Joker Edition Modifications: SLAMT1LT



' ** ULTIMATE version 1.04 **


' added Bane and quotes

' hitting the Alfred target when not lit no longer plays a quote



' ** ULTIMATE version 1.01 **


' improved physics (2.6)

' added dynamic lighting effects

' new music, sounds and quotes

' new and original apron, backglass and cabinet artwork

' lots of gameplay improvements and new features

' tons of fixes

' movie clips added

' and a lot more...(I foget exactly what else I did, but I did a lot!)

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