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skinooe on 2013-12-07
Table version : 1.03 Physics 2.6

woww, wowwwCool

Stout on 2013-11-20
Table version : 1.03 Physics 2.6

backglass fail bro. Original please


gellijack on 2013-11-09
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Sandshoe Juan and Hall. But especially Slam n onlinechaos

hyperball91 on 2013-11-08
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Thank you for this table chaos, and you did a great job on the Ultimate version mod SLAMT1LT! I had to hold my ball on a flipper while I listened to the adult version of Convoy. haha, cool, I hadn't heard that version before. The table is nice and fast with physics 2.6 and is great fun to play. Keep up the fantastic work. Cool

toyotaboy on 2013-11-08
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

changing the backglass was a mistake, I might have to substitute V1.06 back in.  Also with the physics mod, you need to up the power of the flippers a bit, it's next to impossible to get the ball up the back ramp from the 3rd right flipper

police99 on 2013-08-14
Table version : 1.06


ryanirishartist on 2013-08-14
Table version : 1.06

Flawless  table.  If there are any added enhancements to the design, I can't detect them, which is the biggest compliment to onlinechaos and SLAMT1LT.

Table detail

High Speed: Hot Pursuit ULTIMATE 1.03 Physics 2.6 stats

byonlinechaos homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number1176

' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.03 **


'- added ball search when ball is lost

'- added 2 new music tracks

'- shoot again light now blinks when ball saver active


' ** ULIMATE Edition 1.02 **


'- physics adjustment


' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.01 **


'- improved physics

'- added new mechanical sounds

'- added more music tracks

'- fixed a few minor bugs



' improved EVERYTHING!!

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