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ghostmachine on 2014-12-05
Table version : Physics 2.5

this tables fine.. i just dont like KISS.. 

pinball666 on 2013-09-22
Table version : Physics 2.5

Cool Very nice table

6elvis9 on 2013-09-17
Table version : Physics 2.5

Good !!!

stavmone on 2013-09-14
Table version : Physics 2.5

sexydarin, try pulling the plunger 1/4 way back, next ball half way back, next ball 3/4 way back; just to check.  I tweaked the plunger because when i originally used the 2.0 version i had a similar issue, and then too strong it hit the same letter all the time.  Sometimes if you launch 3/4 down it works stronger than all the way; you just have to experiment; the plunger is responsive in that you can get all the different letter chute instead of just the same one all the time.  I can tweak more as needed but for now, just check to try, i hope it works for you.

pard6632 on 2013-09-14
Table version : Physics 2.5

Good Job! This table brings me back to my teen years!

police99 on 2013-09-14
Table version : Physics 2.5


sexydarin on 2013-09-14
Table version : Physics 2.5

plunger isn't working right.  Not enough power even when i pull it all the way back.

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KISS 2.0 Physics 2.5 stats

bymartinB homepage , Popotte homepage , stavmone
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
IPDB Number1386

Virtually identical to Kiss 2.00; except its tweaked for cab view, Physics 2.5 and its also (quite frankly) a little easier to play.  All credit goes to Popette and Martin for an incredible table, I just saw that it didn't quite work as I remembered playing it in real life compared to the new physics engine.  I played this table in real life a lot.  Fixed flippers--larger, spongier and with less down the middle action, although there will still be plenty--table slope, plunger, side alley tracking, and the only other thing I tweaked was the tilt factor.  The game I played seemed to never tilt so I upped that a little also.

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