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aktdltek33 on 2021-01-18
Table version : 9.4

I was interested in reading your text. It was very easy to understand, so it was easy to read.

We will continue to support your writing in the future. Thank you.먹튀폴리스

LadyScarlett on 2016-08-23
Table version : 9.4

merci bien, belle essaie.

IkeT408 on 2013-05-05
Table version : 9.4


Jam0 on 2011-07-06
Table version : 9.4

I laughed when I played this. It is almost like lucas is making an anti-establishment statement with this.

AlbertG on 2010-06-09
Table version : 9.4

without sound I would consider it a c64 pinball contruction set attempt (anyone remember that one). With sound it's even worse. Shame. C64 rulez over this one.

G.I.R. on 2010-02-23
Table version : 9.4


FreeLunch on 2010-01-31
Table version : 9.4

i lol'd

Mystman on 2010-01-20
Table version : 9.4

Completely removing the table goes a bit too far. I'd be in favor of removing the table from the "latest table releases" list on the front page... Also: if you order the full table list by number of comments, it's really funny to see this one between all the brilliant beautiful tables that are so much more worthy of all the comments ;)

polygame on 2010-01-20
Table version : 9.4

Ok what about that, if someone receive more than 5 (1/5), the table remove itself??? guys this is really bad.

PGC on 2010-01-20
Table version : 9.4


lvr on 2010-01-18
Table version : 9.4

Yes I agree it's not finished/ugly/what you want.
But how to set up quality standard ? Who will be the judge ? I prefer to add every table and YOU are judges thx to the mark system

sast05 on 2010-01-17
Table version : 9.4

Shouldn't this site have minimum standards?

Pinb0t on 2010-01-16
Table version : 9.4

I can't believe this is actually allowed on the site. I have spent hours on a table just to scrap it because I don't feel it is release quality. I hope this is a joke. There should be an option for 0 stars.

Roger31fr on 2010-01-14
Table version : 9.4

Faut bien débuter un jour, bon courage

evilelvis on 2010-01-11
Table version : 9.4

It's fun whatsoever and ugly as hell...

moog on 2010-01-11
Table version : 9.4

Hopefully there's a mark system

thorgeist on 2010-01-10
Table version : 9.4

cte daube :-)

SLAMT1LT on 2010-01-10
Table version : 9.4

Horrible. Tables like this are giving FP a bad rep. I'm working my nuts off creating the finest quality FP tables on the planet and tosh like this keeps slipping through. Mods of this site, hang your heads in shame.

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