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aktdltek33 on 2021-01-21
Table version : 1.0

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police99 on 2011-08-15
Table version : 1.0


Table detail

Classic SciFi: The Puppet Masters 1.0 stats

byAnthias homepage

dedicated to the classic novel by R.A.Heinlein
Well, a very long time ago I created a series of classic 60s and 70s Science Fiction themed em tables for VP. Not quite so long ago, I commenced a similar series in FP with the Skylark table. Now after too long a wait by far, I am ready to unleash the second in that series.

The Puppet Masters is themed around that classic heinlein novel - the same one that becaome a movie in the 1990's staring Donald Sutherland.

Graphics are created from a montage of cover art from a variety of editions of the book. Music is an original piece by yours truely.

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