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geos on 2020-08-27
Table version : 1.0

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Table version : 1.0

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ewrerwe on 2020-05-13
Table version : 1.0

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abduran761 on 2020-05-05
Table version : 1.0


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karishma36 on 2019-09-23
Table version : 1.0

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Table version : 1.0

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nehasharma on 2019-06-12
Table version : 1.0

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camike on 2018-12-18
Table version : 1.0

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RockTycoon on 2018-07-22
Table version : 1.0

Nice table, but left rail drops the ball in the middle sometimes...

DavidIves on 2018-07-18
Table version : 1.0

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nata on 2018-07-10
Table version : 1.0

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Adam Santos on 2018-05-12
Table version : 1.0

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thutrangctp on 2018-05-05
Table version : 1.0


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annashetty on 2017-12-20
Table version : 1.0

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happywheel on 2017-10-11
Table version : 1.0

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Jacelyn on 2016-07-15
Table version : 1.0

Is it still available on other places?

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LadyScarlett01 on 2014-06-23
Table version : 1.0

merci bien.

drunkybaby on 2013-12-20
Table version : 1.0

thx great work


olaf on 2013-10-22
Table version : 1.0

Table play greats but sometime i thing the ball is to fast

ist keine Kritik aber wäre schöner gewesen wenn du die version genommen hättest wo das DMD am 2.monitor funktioniert denn Cab user zuliebe :-)

stevegooner123 on 2013-10-20
Table version : 1.0

love the new physics, this is the first table I have tried with new zed physics.I already had BAM installed & didnt realize that all I needed to do was copy the 2 files to my table dir. Table plays great!!

herveh on 2013-10-20
Table version : 1.0

merci beaucoup pour cette belle physique et beaucoup mieux et on prend plaisir à jouer.

skinooe on 2013-10-19
Table version : 1.0

My intention to upload this adjustment is, to help cab owners bringing the new physic up to date and spend mor time im playing FP than table adjustments.

I'll try to upload every day one or two zed adjusted tables. So I hope it will be more easy for all and having more time for playing than adustments.  That is it.

Good luck and thanks all hard workers that we can play so nice tables.

Its just user for users!

urielll on 2013-10-19
Table version : 1.0 thx and more Sir :)

momoch on 2013-10-19
Table version : 1.0

Many Thanks, Zed

requlem on 2013-10-19
Table version : 1.0

Exelent work N1 table

PS: Need a little fix. Flippers needs exact the same x/y position for best work. Works very well anyways without this fix.

I changed in mine to x:310 and y:955 for right flipper and x:142 and y:955 for Left Flipper

Zonaflow on 2013-10-19
Table version : 1.0

Great stuff Zed, keep it coming! 

BIL on 2013-10-19
Table version : 1.0

Thanks Zed Smile

police99 on 2013-10-19
Table version : 1.0


Table detail

Zedpinball Physics 1.0: Dr DUDE 1.0 stats

byfrancisco666, Glxb, rom
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerMidway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated (1988-1999), Chicago, Illinois, USA
IPDB Number737

- copy included zip file with table name and fpt file in your table dir

- extract BAM archive in FP dir

- start exe in BAM dir and load the table

Tutorial for BAM at:

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex