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Table (1.9) Table (1.9) stats

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alvinjusi on 2019-10-25
Table version : 1.9

In version 1.3 there were some issues like there was no solution of when ball trapped in between the two pegs. Please write my essay for me I am busy in playing pinball. But it is good to see that you have specifically fixed this issue in the next version.

Zeeshan on 2019-03-06
Table version : 1.9

very nice to have this post

thanks a lot for sharing

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ankit941 on 2018-02-07
Table version : 1.9

This bhas the potential if you are thinking about the points understand in the individual form where do i find control panel windows 10 then you can easily handle and read each and every point from top to bottom.

ghostmachine on 2015-04-10
Table version : 1.9

gold.. gold.. bananas.. bananas.. 

bugmenot4 on 2013-01-08
Table version : 1.9

A special kind of lunacy, wonderful. Thank you.

rcadefrk on 2011-11-13
Table version : 1.9

Awesome table, thanks for making it!

police99 on 2011-08-03
Table version : 1.9


BIL on 2011-01-02
Table version : 1.9

beautiful chambord

FreeLunch on 2010-09-20
Table version : 1.9

Original for sure. I would give it a 4 if the ball didn't bounce around on the jet bumpers for so long.

pinballmaniac2010 on 2010-08-19
Table version : 1.9

this table confuses me a lot.

Table detail

The Lost Golden Tomb of Goldballs 1.9 stats


An ancient castle had a door activate and a 400 foot tomb below of gold. By the time the military arrives, its more than they can handle. The gold is driving men and women to greed when we should find what some have seen since the door activated. They saw moving goldballs.....and dead zombies and a dragon.....monsters and more gold with tall walls of encased gold. Even portals?..... Some are running insane and overtaken or changed. Team focus on getting a goldball and leaving. Reports say there may be a way to transport out of the bottom of this deep tomb.

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