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WalterOlson on 2019-02-26
Table version : RC3

That's a great game and I would like to know more about this industry to write an educational article for so feel free to share all the details if you want!

ghostmachine on 2015-04-10
Table version : RC3

puts a smile on your face.

rebooter on 2012-12-18
Table version : RC3


exegese on 2012-09-26
Table version : RC3


police99 on 2011-08-25
Table version : RC3


rcadefrk on 2011-04-09
Table version : RC3

Never tried this version, but if its anything like Ultra Edition, it rocks.

Nightvoice on 2010-12-31
Table version : RC3

:D Definitely one of my favorites. But if the ball gets caught between the bottom bumpers you die down the left side chute every time.

Guus on 2010-11-04
Table version : RC3

One of the best tables for FP.

With Russels modifications it IS the best table I think! I'm looking forward to play it Russel! Thanks all!

polygame on 2010-11-04
Table version : RC3

Please do so Russell. come pop on Gopinball sometime..we miss you a lot down there.

NzX on 2010-11-03
Table version : RC3

SLAMT1LT,video modded AMAZING!!! 5/5 Thks:)

SLAMT1LT on 2010-11-03
Table version : RC3

Steve, if you want me to upload my modded version I'm ready to do so.

Drusus64 on 2010-10-19
Table version : RC3

Wow this Table is a very very funny, many thanks

BallaBalla on 2010-10-10
Table version : RC3

Oh my god exelent,i love this Table so,one of the best Tables

frostwork on 2010-10-04
Table version : RC3

simply outstanding!
thanks a lot for your excellent work!

thetrout on 2010-10-01
Table version : RC3

The "coin flip" at the end sort of breaks the game for me, but the table's otherwise awesome!

Numiah on 2010-09-29
Table version : RC3

BEst table for FP !

chivato on 2010-09-24

i like it a lot its difficult but one of the best or the best table in future pinball

sanitarium09 on 2010-09-22

There's some incredible work done on this table. It makes me very excited to see the full potential of FP in the right hands!

Bluebook on 2010-09-09

Outstanding - another superb FP Release - Thks :)

Sepeteus on 2010-09-08

This is fine!!!

manowar on 2010-09-06

good work,this is amazing!!!love it!

moog on 2010-09-06

Yes yes yessss, the wait is over. Fantastic table !

jackbmw76 on 2010-09-05

Shame I cant go up 2 10 awesome table as I knew it would b from pics, challenging as hell but gr8 work

Anthias on 2010-09-05

Awesome table guys :)

moogster66 on 2010-09-05

Thanks guys for the positive response. Steve is the man!

1970warlord on 2010-09-04

Great Job!!!

Nash on 2010-09-04

Well done Steve and all involved!

alexandros23 on 2010-09-03

One of the finest FP release Thank you guys!!

Firebat138 on 2010-09-03

Verry cool... that's right... There's an extra R in Verry. :-) Thanx

Quezako on 2010-09-03

Amazing work! Well done!

jcp on 2010-09-03

Very impressive ! Thanks for all.

Glxb on 2010-09-03

Please go to to report any errors.

Table detail

Dark Knight TTE : Toy Testing Environment RC3 stats

byGlxb, Lord Hiryu, Moogster, Nash, polygame homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerStern Pinball, Incorporated (1999-NOW), Chicago, Illinois, USA
IPDB Number5307

This amateur project was made for the sole purposed of demonstrating
how complicated toys setup work in Future Pinball. You are free
to evaluate it and deconstruct it, to understand how it was done.

It was build in the spirit of fair use and educational purpose doctrine by a group of sincere Batman fans.

This version will be on and I trust these guys to
remove it if someone is not OK with it for copyright issue.

Do not repost on any other forums or archives.

The Crew

Layout and Toys

Lord Hiryu
Playfield redrawn


Media processing

Original Music By
Nash Milincic Studio

Special Thanks to LvR for the great FPM Editor and
Chris Leathley for the always outstanding Future Pinball engine.

Thanks to everyone else of the virtual pinball community who were
involved in the project. Take the time to evaluate it as it is : 175 hours of hobby.


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