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LadyScarlett01 on 2018-08-04
Table version : 1.02

merci bien.

Eliana Ochoa on 2018-05-26
Table version : 1.02

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RachaelWashington on 2018-05-23
Table version : 1.02

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LeSqual63 on 2012-11-03
Table version : 1.02

Mon film préféré avec ma table préférée = que du bon !!

Bravo et merci pour cette superbe table Wink

rebooter on 2012-10-28
Table version : 1.02

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

PinFan76 on 2012-10-19
Table version : 1.02

Great work!  Great gameplay and I really like the use of audio from the movie, very well done!  Would make a great production table.  Thanks for your hard work!

mortuus on 2012-06-21
Table version : 1.02

awesome table

police99 on 2011-09-12
Table version : 1.02


adambrooks on 2011-09-06
Table version : 1.02

THE BEST TABLE EVER MADE!! this includes all real pinball machines and FP creations, the design, art, layout, pace, action, music, atmosphere, playability is second to none. The difficulty of this table without it being annoyingly difficult just puts the icing on the cake giving the table a long life. If anyone was to complete all misions on this table that would be an achievement to be proud of:)

Seems this table cannot be completed since it crashes at the end of mission three every time..GUTTED!!!..anyone else having the same problem?

good2go on 2011-08-03
Table version : 1.02

Hi love this table, is anyone having probs with it loading?
I am getting errors on the following lines of the script

Line: 35
nvBallPerGame requires constant variable type defined

Line: 1271
displaytext_timer.Enabled = false

Line: 3471
BugHunt.Frame 3
SaveNewt.Frame 3
NukeSite.Frame 3
AlienLegacy.Frame 3

moog on 2011-05-19
Table version : 1.02

Probably my personal best table for FP. I love it. This table is really challenging and the different modes are cleverly thought. A true masterpiece in all aspects!

Russel, hope you publicly come back one day! Your tables are so fun to play!

malfusion1 on 2011-02-06
Table version : 1.02

great table anyone had problems with 2 player game ball 5 on 2nd player wont come out?
Well dome slamt1lt + others.

SirQuestinghood on 2011-02-04
Table version : 1.02

You guys have put a huge amount of time and craftsmanship into this quality table. The new cabinets are an great addition and ver. 1.02 scared the cr*p out of me a couple of times. :) Thank you!

manowar on 2011-02-03
Table version : 1.02

fantastic work-again..

Numiah on 2011-02-02
Table version : 1.02

With the touch of SLAMT1LT this already golden peace turned into platinum !

dunker on 2011-02-02
Table version : 1.02

more awesome than the last awesome table, so double awesome!

starwindz on 2011-02-02
Table version : 1.02


rcadefrk on 2011-01-27

One of the top tables for sure, this next to T2, master piece, You
should mod Aliens 1.0 it has potential

Helirist on 2011-01-03

You are really one of the best Table Builder. A Master in the FP-Editoring.

Aduke on 2011-01-02

a good one

pinball666 on 2010-12-19

Very nice table

Sebek74 on 2010-12-12

Superb table!

superseb on 2010-12-04

One of the best Table i've played so far, Thank you

HappyHour on 2010-11-26

Very good table. :) But I have to say with the Alien theme I think of the Goldsmith soundtrack. Fits more the spooky, dark mood of this series.

Guus on 2010-11-26

Great release Russel. The new sound upgrades made a major improvement! It got great atmosphere now :D It brings some "power" to the table :)

polygame on 2010-11-26


Drusus64 on 2010-11-24

Wow you Guys are unbelievable. This Table is a fantastic
work. Great Alien effect, I was shocked of him :-)
Thank you very much for this great Table

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Aliens Legacy ULTRA 1.02 stats

bySLAMT1LT homepage , Steve

My modded version of the Aliens Legacy table as created by David Eisner.

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