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Mosfekun on 2022-04-19
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

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robertmay on 2022-04-08
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

several versions I've tried. It gives me unforgettable memories. trap the cat

Reshmi12 on 2022-02-04
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

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jackson seo on 2022-01-28
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

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Adrian7622 on 2022-01-16
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

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Flavio380 on 2022-01-12
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

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Adrian762 on 2022-01-12
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

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netraclos99 on 2021-12-09
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

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rcholer83 on 2019-05-27
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

I'm unable to start the table after inserting a coin and hitting start. I pull the plunger back and just get a fart noise... anyone know a fix?

tof33430 on 2016-12-31
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

version table 2.5  merci Wink

LadyScarlett on 2016-08-30
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

merci bien.

cyborg66 on 2016-08-06
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

how do you make the pinball brighter its to dark

latin625 on 2016-02-24
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6


shlap on 2015-11-04
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Launches balls non-stop :( Is there a way to fix this?

ghostmachine on 2014-11-19
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

kunghi on 2014-08-30
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Astonishing Work!Cool

Love this beautiful - perfected Table!

Very Professional and realistic - keep up the great work guys!!!

arni thumb up

djdavidr on 2014-06-22
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Alguien puede decirme como se regula la fuerza de los flipers? Gracias Enhorabuena por la tabla

skinooe on 2014-01-08
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

I agrree. The left lowers kicker has exact the same settinig like skynet edit. But I dont:t know why, but the ball lands never at the flipper. low down one or two steps was help for me. It plays not like the real one but it plays great.

toyotaboy on 2014-01-07
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

table feels floaty and the flippers feel a little weak.  I bumped the angle up a degree and changed the flippers from soft to intermediate.  Seems like the T2 skull is more realistic than previous?  None the less, great version!

TripleXXX on 2014-01-07
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Best Terminator table ever !!! All Bugs are fixed / Smooth Gameplay with new Video Scenes & impressive Soundtrack = Orgasm Play !!! danke Cool

drunkybaby on 2013-12-20
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6



pinballshawn on 2013-12-15
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6

Man, you guys really knocked it out of the park with this one! I am absolutely in love with it. I never cared for the actual pinball machine and I own one! You gave it the harshness it deserved. Bravo gentlemen.

open6l on 2013-11-22
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6

Link fixed.

klack107 on 2013-11-16
Table version : 1.01 Physics 2.6

The download seems broken for the ULTIMATE Version

mrandersonneo2001 on 2013-10-05
Table version : 1.01

if you ask me, the 'pace' is very fast, but stil, you can in real pinball get to very fast pace of the ball, so, maybe, for little is to fast, i agree, but, still, i think to that physics 2.6 is very good way to go.

fantastic work with that table to.

pinbwiz on 2013-10-04
Table version : 1.01

Very glad to see Slam is still finding time to make new updates.  But I find fp 2.6 plays a little too frenetic a pace, especially when the ball hits an object and bounces back down too quickly as a drano. But the game still looks and sounds great. Slower pace can still be had on fp 2.5 & 2.4...but it may not be optimized for them as well as 2.6. however, I prefer a little slower pace.Embarassed

scrivy on 2013-10-04
Table version : 1.01

Ander, 1.01 runs under 2.6 Physics so that is why the version number was rolled back.

goldorak33 on 2013-10-04
Table version : 1.01

Version très réaliste et ambiance de l' environnement superbe avec un clin d' oeil à prédator et l' affiche de la femme sur le flipper sur la droite visible en caméra manuelle. Quant à la table en elle-même tout fonctionne à merveille. Merci.

ander on 2013-10-04
Table version : 1.01

Fabulous work, but I have to admit, your version numbering scheme is a bit confusing. Why drop back to 1.01 for your "ULTIMATE" version? Why not just add "ULTIMATE" to your last ver. number (1.13)? Is 1.01 ULTIMATE actually better than 1.13 ULTRA? Or is it missing some features of 1.13 but has fewer bugs, or...?

sallee86 on 2013-08-28
Table version : 1.13

people help, i got error when pinball loads.. it states
' piball meditation eror
script error : line 16

Variable is undefend : NvBallsPerGame''

ryanirishartist on 2013-08-14
Table version : 1.13

Amazing, but translite seems to "duplicate" itself when you hit the plunger.  You can see it suddenly appear and intersect the back of the cabinet.  This does not seem to disturb the playability of the table.

gellijack on 2013-08-12
Table version : 1.13

Smile well done

jhendelyn2010 on 2013-06-18
Table version : 1.11

muy bueno pero el juego lo podrian hacer como el orijinal t2 le cambiaron el modo de juego no es el mismo que el verdadero t2

robinours2b on 2013-05-17
Table version : 1.11

Excellent, j'ai juste un soucis avec le petit écran de score qui ne s'affiche pas correctement, auriez vous une solution? Merci pour cette superbe table qui me rappel mon enfance :)

Parallax on 2013-03-24
Table version : 1.11

Excellent recreation, but there is one thing wrong with it that gets in the way.

When attempting the skill shot, the 5 lights should be blinking from the bottom up and not from the top down.


Other than that, its awesome!

henningsgrova on 2013-03-13
Table version : 1.11

Why are mine points showi wrong in the display, when I am playing ? Is it a bug ?

wmoecke on 2013-02-28
Table version : 1.11

After much struggling, I figured out how to fix certain tables (like this one) from crashing FP right before loading. Here's the steps:

Step 1) Bring up the properties for your FP executable's shortcut and make sure both 'Run as Administrator' and 'XP SP3 Compatibility Mode' checkboxes in the Compatibility tab are checked

Step 2) Make sure the option 'Load Image into Editor' under Preferences > Editor Options is unchecked

Step 3) Make sure the option 'Use texture Compression' under Preferences > Video/Rendering Options is unchecked

These steps should give you a rock-solid FP environment, loading and running every table. It works great for me and took me a while to find out these tricks. I am glad to spread the word. Smile

senhordd on 2013-02-03
Table version : 1.11

oh my god! amazing Smile, remeber my childhood when i first saw this table, Laughing tnx mate!

frbooth on 2013-01-30
Table version : 1.11

I'm speachless...

artemio90 on 2012-12-13
Table version : 1.11

Giving this table only 5 stars is an insult really. You guys totally reset the bar on this one.

ninjapinball on 2012-11-24
Table version : 1.11

Always loved playing this table years ago. Nice job.


big red machine on 2012-11-12
Table version : 1.11

i want to play this game so bad-just i dont know what program i need to play

fpl files???????????

rebooter on 2012-10-28
Table version : 1.11

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

PinFan76 on 2012-10-17
Table version : 1.11

Very well done, one of my favorite tables of all time!  Thanks so much for all your hard work!

sk8terboi1000 on 2012-07-16
Table version : 1.11

This was my favorite table back in the day glad to see more modern tables on FP

Skyrider on 2012-07-15
Table version : 1.11

Thx a lot. Absolutely great table! Smile

mortuus on 2012-06-21
Table version : 1.11


morfeu on 2012-03-29
Table version : 1.11

Awesome, thanks.


fenriz on 2012-01-29
Table version : 1.11

Good work 

pinball666 on 2012-01-08
Table version : 1.11

Cool Nice table

manowar on 2011-09-11
Table version : 1.10

great table gets better,have a issue with corrupted voice sounds on both tables,didnt get that on the last table???other than that,still a masterpiece.


pinballmaniac2010 on 2011-09-08
Table version : 1.10

Thank you, Sir..

mahjunia on 2011-09-08
Table version : 1.10

This table was good. Now it is excellent!!! Just a great work. Thanks.

evilelvis on 2011-09-08
Table version : 1.10

A stunning update of a stunning table

rcadefrk on 2011-09-07
Table version : 1.10

nice update to the greatest table ever slam

Rayman1002 on 2011-09-07
Table version : 1.10

Quality! Thanks for all the hard work!

aybe on 2011-08-30
Table version : 1.09

I remember playing it in real ... Thumbs up for your work :)

biobern on 2011-08-29
Table version : 1.09

Very very good recreation.
We have the real Terminator 2 table here and this rocks!

SPEEDKART on 2011-08-23
Table version : 1.09

the best table.

BILLY86 on 2011-08-04
Table version : 1.09

aguante argentina locooo

police99 on 2011-08-02
Table version : 1.09

Belle table le fun!

Figadas on 2011-06-18
Table version : 1.09

simply the best! Thanks for your hard work, guys!

antrax on 2011-05-20
Table version : 1.09

Impressive,many thanks to the authors of this recreation.
We all know that these are the tables we want for future pinball: The Addams Family, Haunted House, Indiana Jones,Elvira,etc...
Please,no more "spam_table_autors" with indiscriminate releases -(º_º)-

fanchox on 2011-05-08
Table version : 1.09


GustavoLJ on 2011-04-23
Table version : 1.09

Excelent Job! Keep up the good work!

night on 2011-03-31
Table version : 1.09

Congratulations. Amazing job! Thank you very much!

GARSA on 2011-03-16
Table version : 1.09

Thank you, beatiful machine. Sayonara baby

Yucca on 2011-03-07
Table version : 1.09

Thanks for this great work.

blking on 2011-02-26
Table version : 1.09


Thank you very much! you did beautiful work:)
all of my acknowledgements you are yours, kings
is yet one two tables what I adore,and it would like to be tried on this program, who will make it.

1. back to the future night 2000.
5.hook zone
8.adams familly
9.river boat

I say thank you for it once more,good work,I congratulate you:)

soccer king on 2011-02-25
Table version : 1.09

One of my favorite. I played a lot with the real T2 table. Well done guys!

ppsberlin on 2011-02-24
Table version : 1.09

THE pinball machine! Best ever conversation - only the real machine can top this release!!!

celenoide on 2011-02-19
Table version : 1.09


rio57 on 2011-02-12
Table version : 1.09

The best off all ! Well Done !

SirQuestinghood on 2011-01-29
Table version : 1.09

Giving this table only 5 stars is an insult really.You guys totally reset the bar on this one. Thank You!

Joe064 on 2011-01-28
Table version : 1.09

Excellent work!

starwindz on 2011-01-27
Table version : 1.09

Splendid and perfect pinball game. I like it.

Dizzle on 2011-01-24

Just awesome. Thanks guys!

moog on 2011-01-23

The best recreation ever!

Gameplay, graphics, sounds, DMD ... everything's perfect.

francois.macre on 2011-01-22

Thanks you very much for this wonderful table;-) Your new version (1.05 in High-Res) is definitely perfect!!!

bibou on 2011-01-21

very nice,good job congratulation !!!!!!

Slash2004 on 2011-01-20

nice one ;)

Mick67 on 2011-01-19

Phenominal, that is fantastic, i got the low res one and my video card is a little slow, awesome work guys, top notch!

woerdt2112 on 2011-01-19

Wow, amazing
You guys rock!!!

Guus on 2011-01-18

This table is more then impressive. It's the best table ever done in FP IMO!!! Really magnificent work!

Aduke on 2011-01-16

just wonderful

maxfx4u on 2011-01-16

An absolute blast to play. Oh, and it looks really pretty to. Anything less than a 5 would be a crime, **Cough Cough johansig**

catkins on 2011-01-16

Excellent, wonderful work! Graphic artwork is incredible.

I have a couple of suggestions after some play-testing:
1) The 5 target indicators which cycle during ball launch are cycling incorrectly -- the cycle should reverse after reaching the bottom light. (The cycle "bounces"). I'll try to confirm this in VP.
2) Flow from the inlanes to the flippers is rough - the ball bounces from the rail just before the flippers to the flipper - this makes some shots hard if not impossible.

Thanks again for a wonderful table! Looking forward to more masterpieces. :)

Helirist on 2011-01-15

light66, Lio, SLAMT1LT !

Thanks to you, for all the time, the patience and Professional hard Work which has created this wonderfull table. I must ask "The Nalex" whether he can admit an assessment from 10/10 for this masterpiece. Their Working so much for our entertainment and let us to everything sharing in your talent. I can't thank at all enough. If I knew what I about it, to you can return. Maybe, a few bottles of German strong beer i can send.........LOL

Tuffy on 2011-01-15

Sorry to say, but there is an error in the game, if you play 2 player game. player 1 at ball 5 ends, then flipper arms are "dead" when player 2 is gonna play the last ball (ball 5)....

onlinechaos on 2011-01-15

very well done, runs smooth on my p4

settingsons on 2011-01-15

Masterpiece! (johansjg - did you download the right table?)

Raico on 2011-01-15

Great Table!

rehab on 2011-01-15

Simply breathtaking. This is a treat to play.

Thanks to all involved for this masterpiece.

mister7171 on 2011-01-15

Great work !!!! I love this table.Thanks a lot :)

thorgeist on 2011-01-15

Incroyable mais vrai !:-)

HappyHour on 2011-01-15


I remember playing this table as kid (and later as "Nightmare" in Pinball Dreams).


malfusion1 on 2011-01-15

You guys are amazing.You give so much enjoyment to pinball lovers around the world.I look fwd to checking this site everyday looking fwd to the new tables.Thanx to all who give to us a part of their exceptional talent.Fantastic effort-I just wish I had a little of what you guys have so I could give to all somthing back.

andal on 2011-01-15

That's really a highlight :-) Great work!

moogster66 on 2011-01-14

Russell never fails to impress! An outstanding job! Thanks to all who contributed!

Numiah on 2011-01-14

This table makes up for the long wait ! She plays like a beauty ! Thank you so much !!

Table detail

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ULTIMATE 1.02 Physics 2.6 stats

bylight86, Lio, SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number2524

"ULTIMATE" Editions are the very best versions of all my tables. Better than "ULTRA", "GOLD" and "VIP"


' ** Version 1.02 ULTIMATE ** 


' fixed ball getting stuck when loading the canon

' skill shot lights now strobe up and down

' improved left and right plasics with glass effect 


** Version 1.01 Ultimate **

Optimized for Physics 2.6 with better sounds and lighting fx. 


** Version 1.11 Proper DMD Animation ***

Proper DMD Animations added to SLAMT1LT's ULTRA 1.11 table.


** Version 1.11 ***

- fixed lights effecting the ball's movement
- fixed texture glitch on the canon


Version 1.10 (final):

- fixed error with bonus multiplier not resetting to zero.
- top lock kicker now increases jackpot amount.
- fixed skull drop target not resetting after multiball.
- added graphic to onscreen HUD.
- removed ball rolling sounds and the hidden triggers that would effect the balls path.
- Improved slingshot power.

Version 1.09 (final):

- fixed Lock Lights not re-lighting after Jackpot hit/missed.
- fixed Payback not starting when Security Levels complete (if completed during multiball).
- fixed Multiball music still playing when only 1 ball remains on the playfield.
- fixed SuperJackpot flag not cleared, allowing player to get it with plunger shot.
- fixed Attract Lights not turning off completly when Master Reset key is pressed.
- fixed Top Kicker no longer lites 10M light when Extra Ball countdown timer active.

Version 1.08:

- fixed Game Over showing when game is started during fake ROM check.
- shortened fake ROM check timers to make the sequence quicker.
- added ball rolling sound on/off option to DMD (press B at anytime).
- added Jackpot check. Hold both flippers at anytime to check Jackpot amount.
- pinball art added to gameroom wall.
- gameroom wall and cabinets now isolated as the only removable ornaments in the game
(video options - untick Render Ornaments to remove them).

Version 1.07 released:

- CPU Bonus Reward increased to 100 Million.
- if Bonus Hold light is lit when last ball is drained, it now converts to an extra ball.
- fixed skull drop target not popping up during Payback.
- improved DMD aninations for Ball Locked (left kicker and top kicker).

Version 1.06:

- replaced both ramp signs with new models and textures.
- added a master reset button (K) which can be used to reset the game at anytime.
- added a fake ROM check when table first loads (shows date of release and version).
- added 2 new arcade cabinet textures for gameroom.

Version 1.05:

- cannon now lights up when loaded.
- plasitc under cannon is now open.
- improved lighting.
- jackpot animation improved.

Version 1.04:

- improved ramp shots, ball will meet less resistance on both ramps.
- kickback DMD animation improved.
- flippers moved slightly for better ramp shot accuracy.
- cannon will now swing out immediately after the ball is loaded.
- HUD DMD will no longer display the 'ball 6' error.
- some timers have been tweaked to improve the game's flow.
- autofire timer increased to 10 seconds.
- added sound effect and 'New Player' animation to DMD when new player starts (multiplayer).
- testing key (K) has been reset.

Version 1.03:

- fixed cannon so it doesn't shoot out more than one ball.
- fixed 2 player bug where 2nd player had locked flippers on last ball.
- fixed 'ball 6' showing after game finishes.
- fixed music stopping when coin is inserted during play.
- fixed left fipper moved back slighty to stop ball bouncing.
- added 'ball saved' to kickback animation.
- fixed spelling of 'Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger'.
- fixed Direct Hit award carrying over to other players during multiplayer.
- added angled screws to plunger lane guide.
- added sound effect and ' New Player' animation to DMD when a new player starts.
- removed gameroom (Low-Res Only).
- removed flashers (Low-Res Only).
- replaced all textures with low res (Low-Res Only).

Version 1.02:

- The back wall graphic can now be seen in Arcade Render mode.
- 3 new clips have been added to the DMD (kickback, shoot again and chase loop).
- Bonus x 0 has been replaced with Bonus x 1.
- Target lights under HK model will now flash when hit.
- Ball Stopper rubber between the flippers is now bigger.
- Added flashing light when the Skull Kicker launches the ball.

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