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alexbou741 on 2020-03-21
Table version : 2.0


I have only recently discovered, and I regret not finding it sooner. I could’ve saved so much time!

Moises889 on 2020-03-15
Table version : 2.0

The table construction work required time to handle and if you are in this field make sure to teach others. You have to work with because it required on large scale.

SpuRge on 2017-11-11
Table version : 2.0

Why does it crash at the end of the loading screen? Please help


80sVideoKid on 2017-08-05
Table version : 2.0

I'm using Windows 10. Version 1.0.1 crashes when it says "Initialising Newton". Version 2.0 crashes right after it's done with the loading screen.


Solstar on 2014-03-10
Table version : 2.0

does not work on windows 7 x64

kunghi on 2014-03-08
Table version : 2.0

Love this beautiful Table it brings a lot fun!
Very Professional - keep up the great work guys!!! Cool!!!Attention:

Set "model quality" to high!Wink

6elvis9 on 2013-05-04
Table version : 2.0


MASCLTHRCUB on 2013-02-06
Table version : 2.0

I Love this table. Can you please share with me how to get the ball from being so jumpy on the table. How can I fine tune that i'd sure appreciate any help out on this. Cool

cypherstl on 2013-02-06
Table version : 2.0

Love this table but the virtual DMD doesn't work on mine... version 2.0.  Thansk for all your hard work on this though... fun table!

massico88 on 2013-01-10
Table version : 2.0



Thank you !!

ninjapinball on 2013-01-04
Table version : 2.0

Excellent work! I'm still playing the old one though as the ball gets stuck in the TV lock. Also the news animation doesn't play correctly on mine. I've got everything set to maximum with textures at bilinear and I've tried shaders on and off.

rebooter on 2012-12-18
Table version : 2.0


RabidShark on 2012-11-06
Table version : 2.0

hell i played the older version tons of times so love this table and i know it will be greater

lasteverball on 2012-09-05
Table version : 2.0


AlSwearengen on 2012-08-13
Table version : 2.0

A very good table! Very much better than v1.0.1!


Thanx, guys! Smile

mineiro on 2012-08-10
Table version : 2.0

was excellent ... (could be better clearer in my opinion) and 123 multiball could have much memory and hard at work ... congratulations ... you guys know that I am fan of the work you two are fantastic ... thanks .

Trance2010 on 2012-08-08
Table version : 2.0

Perfect! Model quality setting to high and now the table is started!

THX Glxb

Desperadjo on 2012-08-08
Table version : 2.0

Great table, only 4 stars because of bad flippers sound effects...

Thank You both :)

Glxb on 2012-08-07
Table version : 2.0

BDE: You HAVE to set model quality, bottom right of video options, to high.


BDE on 2012-08-07
Table version : 2.0

I can only give this a Three.

Because while it looks great, no matter what version that I download, it always crashes Future Pinball at the end of it's loading procees whenever I try to run it. 

Dante on 2012-08-07
Table version : 2.0

Great Table, Thanks!

momoch on 2012-08-07
Table version : 2.0

Wow ... Wow ... it's a warm summer with all these beautiful realizations and updates ... it is really the holiday !!!!

Thank you very much GBLX and Highlnder00  !!!


pezima77 on 2012-08-07
Table version : 2.0

Very NICE !! THX Smile

tornadomanuk on 2012-07-08
Table version : 1.0.1

Great Table. Love Family Guy and this table does it majoe justice, Thanks

TimeWellWasted on 2011-12-14
Table version : 1.0.1

One of my personal favourites. Everything is great on this one, looks sound and gameplay. End result is a table you'll be coming back to as soon as the next new thing gets boring again.

PainoMan on 2011-11-16
Table version : 1.0.1

I love this table!

I don't have "Disable GSLS Shaders" set and the table works fine on my Sony F22 Vaio laptop.

AtmanActive on 2011-09-16
Table version : 1.0.1

This table REQUIRES 'Texture Filtering: Bilinear' and 'Disable GSLS Shaders' in Future Pinball's Video Rendering Options. Otherwise textures are all missing from render.

rcadefrk on 2011-09-04
Table version : 1.0.1

Nice work, had to set to maximum settings for it to table

johnm42 on 2011-08-18
Table version : 1.0.1

Great Table .....only stewie pinball adds letters automaticly..script error????

ThreeEyedPea on 2011-07-19
Table version : 1.0.1

Amazing! And I don't even like Family Guy, in fact, I hate it, this table however is absolutely amazing.

BenCrazy424 on 2011-07-04
Table version : 1.0.1

Very fun!

benucio on 2011-06-21
Table version : 1.0.1

Cette table est vraiment bien! Bravo Glxb et Highlnder vous faites du super travail. Sorry i'm not speak english.

snarly on 2011-05-27
Table version : 1.0.1

Great table! I was never into Family Guy but your table makes me want to watch the show! Great use of sounds and game play.

mahjunia on 2011-05-24
Table version : 1.0.1

A very nice work. Certainly it demands a lot of time and dedication. Thanks a lot.

embryon1111 on 2011-05-24
Table version : 1.0.1

|EXCELLENT!! I like it aot. :o)

police99 on 2011-05-23
Table version : 1.0.1

Merci! Thanks!

very funny table

pobredemi on 2011-05-14

me encanto eso de "chupala"

Muttertag on 2011-05-08


thetrout on 2011-05-07

Not bad at all! Doesn't feel anything like the real thing, but - as you've said - it's not really supposed to. Nice work!

fanchox on 2011-05-06


cloud on 2011-05-05


soccer king on 2011-05-04

Fantastic table, lots of fun, great simulation. Thanks!

malfusion1 on 2011-05-03

In-depth table great work guys, never been into family guy or simpsons but it works well.Glad there are talented people still Interested in building these very complex tables I really wish I understood how you put it all together I have tried it way over my head I'm good at some things but spewin not this.Please keep up the great work much appreciated.

blade787 on 2011-05-02

i haven't played this yet, but i'm sure i'm going to love it...thanks so much for this one

settingsons on 2011-05-02

First class - many thanks

Yucca on 2011-05-02

Thanks, it's really nice!

zoovlado on 2011-05-02

awesome table, thanks a lot for this

mt11 on 2011-05-01


celenoide on 2011-05-01


Helirist on 2011-05-01

Another masterpiece, of the top developer duet Glxb and Highlnder00. A really brilliant piece of virtual Pinball history, that becomes never dull. Thank you for many weeks, days and hours of hard work. It has been worthwhile every second. For it we have the rest of our gambler live, fun with this table.

allsyop on 2011-05-01


moogster66 on 2011-05-01

Another great table from the awesome twosome! Great job guys! Congrats! Nice to see this one come to conclusion after all the hard work Glxb!

moog on 2011-04-30

Awesome table. My personal best! And there's Addams family coming right after this one, can't waiiiiiit!!!

maxfx4u on 2011-04-30

This is incredible. While the table looks great, it's the level of playability that amazes me. Iv'e put quite a few hours into this pin so far, and I can honestly say this is my favorite.


speedfreek on 2011-04-30

A great theme, expertly realised! Fabulous work here.

dunker on 2011-04-30

great table lots of fun awesome work. thankyou!

mister7171 on 2011-04-30

It is a really, really great work!

BIL on 2011-04-30

Awasome !!!Congratulations

Table detail

Family Guy 2.0 stats

byGlxb, Highlnder00
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerStern Pinball, Incorporated (1999-NOW), Chicago, Illinois, USA
IPDB Number5219

Highlnder Rebuilt the table from the ground up, so here is version 2.0

Lots of bug fixes as well.



Family Guy tribute.
By GLXB and Highlnder00

GLXB: DMD animations, scripting, and table construction
Highlnder00: Models, artwork effects, testing and tweeking.

With special thanks to:
Moogster66, Toxie, Highrise,Grizz and everyone else on the Forums.

This table is a fan created table made with Future Pinball.
It is based on the Family Guy table made by Stern.

Most of the rules and play are similar to the real table, but a few things may play different to what you know.
If you want a 100% accurate version of this table then feel free to ignore this FREE recreation and go and spend a few thousand dollars on a real one

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