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Austina on 2019-01-04
Table version : 1.1

A friend of mine told me about this website and I am certainly happy I got to know about it!
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Dannee on 2018-11-30
Table version : 1.1

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Vannes on 2018-11-17
Table version : 1.1

These predators tip are great to remember even with discounts and people should know more about it. Please tell me what is going on here so that we can work on everything here.

RingMaster on 2016-04-14
Table version : 1.1

Predator, OZ & Game of Thrones... all great tables. Thank You JIPAR ! Smile

jackburton on 2015-01-18
Table version : 1.1

a dream come true !!! thanks Sealed

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-11-17
Table version : 1.1

merci bien.

urielll on 2014-10-05
Table version : 1.1

i can only say the same words like momoch,so thx :)

ghostmachine on 2014-10-01
Table version : 1.1

NICE. .  "What the hell are you "  hahahah

rjx2 on 2014-09-26
Table version : 1.1

Nice table.

momoch on 2014-09-26
Table version : 1.1

It's always a pleasure when you publish a new original creation !

Many Thanks for this new table nicely done

Skybuck on 2014-09-25
Table version : 1.1

Brilliant, simply, brilliant (idea). I hope it gets pimped soon, and 2.6 physics or so ;)

jayber4 on 2014-09-25
Table version : 1.1

I'm a fan of yours Jipar.  Nice looking table.  Can't wait to play it.

police99 on 2014-09-25
Table version : 1.1

Merci! super de belle table.

stevegooner123 on 2014-09-24
Table version : 1.1

Thanks Jipar, another great film themed table with super atmospherics & sounds

BIL on 2014-09-24
Table version : 1.1

Thank you very much for this beautiful new creation Jipar Smile

hyperball91 on 2014-09-24
Table version : 1.1

Nicely done Jipar. Thank you for another nice table. The camo cab is appropriate, lol. Keep up the great work! Cool

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PREDATOR 1.1 stats


PREDATOR, the movie (1987) , with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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