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qcol on 2019-09-16

OMG! still looks awesome :) 

yolomate on 2016-12-28

sad this closed in last moment I no idea! help me!

AlMundy on 2016-07-23

Well done! A classic feel with some modern touches

rjx2 on 2015-12-08

nice look!

jef09 on 2015-01-14

The original and very good conception of the playfield with 6 flips is strange for a 70's table.

Difficult to perform but the pleasure is here.

ghostmachine on 2014-11-10

even as a kid i never liked planet of the apes.. not sure why.. i dont like the movie or the franchise.. 

thats my opinon- 

msmemo on 2014-11-03

a great and enjoyable table ! i downloaded twice, and playfield comes out white !!  maybe my 8 year old computer is ready for the trash...

OrigamiWizard on 2014-10-30

BIG THANK YOU to hankshaw and open61.  Instuctions were easy for me to understand and it worked!  Thanks again DAZ for a great addition to my collection.  My big dream is to create a table based on the 1950s classic "Forbidden Planet"

pinballmaniac2010 on 2014-10-30

it doesnt load at all, hang up

hawkshaw on 2014-10-30

FABULOUS table but had the same problem as OrigamiWizard. Here's what you do - In the editor go into TEXTURE MANAGER. Find the Playfield image (APES_PLAYFIELD1) and Export it to your hard drive. Then with an image resizing program ( i use Light Image Resizer 4) import it and REDUCE it to 70 % - to keep the same ratio. Then re-import the smaller playfield (do not change the name). Works good every time, i've done this with many games.

open6l on 2014-10-30

@OrigamiWizard: You can try exporting the playfield image, resizing it in Photoshop or Paint by 50% (so that it is 1024x2048 instead of 2048x4096). Then reimport the image and try loading the table.

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-10-30

merci bien.

fuzzi23 on 2014-10-30

As great as your other Originals!! I love all your creations, Daz!


@OrigamiWizard: Try to uncheck "High Quality Textures", or try to decrease the Graphik Quality ("Texture Filtering" etc.), or go to "Preferences>Editor Preferences" and uncheck "Load Image into Table Editor".

Maybe it helps.

police99 on 2014-10-30


momoch on 2014-10-29

Wow ... Many Thanks for this original creation. I like it very much ! A excellent work !!!

CRAIG D on 2014-10-29

I like it!

Very nice and a worthy addition to your work!

urielll on 2014-10-29

wow what a perfect creation Daz :)

BIL on 2014-10-29

Beautiful creation, this new table looks really old!
Nice work Daz ...Bravo Smile

Tii on 2014-10-29

Super Cool! Cool

Table detail

Planet of the Apes stats


I have decided to make one final table designed to resemble an old EM machine from the 70s as they are the kind that I love the most.
If you enjoy playing older tables from this era then you might enjoy this one.

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