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Pokepik on 2015-05-11
Table version : WIP

I love this game! Thank you for this!

vidmouse on 2015-01-27
Table version : WIP

Great work, but I'm having trouble getting the ball to launch out of the chute...  like it keeps getting blocked at the top.  Any ideas?

btilkins on 2014-11-26
Table version : WIP

Well Said Ander! Keep up the awesome work gm! I think your doing great so far! I cant wait to see your creations down the road! love the 80s! Awesome Bro!

goofers on 2014-11-15
Table version : WIP

Just keep up the good work bro you will get better each time so stick at it.

inframun2 on 2014-11-10
Table version : WIP

Thanks. With more work, this table gonna be amazing!!!

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-11-09
Table version : WIP

merci bien.

ander on 2014-11-09
Table version : WIP

It makes me sad to see all this needless conflict and hostility... Really, guys, we're a pretty small community, and we all share a love of pinball—that's why we're here in the first place.

Rather than all the pointless comparisons and put-downs, wouldn't it be great if we could just support each other in producing the best games we can?

There's enough anger and criticism in the world, dudes. Certainly we pinball people don't have to add to it. It's all about creativity and fun, after all. Cheers, A.

police99 on 2014-11-08
Table version : WIP

Merci! belle table. 5/5 lorsque le script sera terminé.

momoch on 2014-11-07
Table version : WIP

Thanks for this recreation

Pinfritz on 2014-11-07
Table version : WIP

What a great table u created! Congratulation!!!!I'm building now a cab (lean on Williams Taxi) you know the real D&D Pinball...a very interesting Topper it has...what does it do? Lights up on Freeplay?


Tii on 2014-11-07
Table version : WIP

are you boys mad or something? LaughingLaughing

hawkshaw on 2014-11-07
Table version : WIP

Tii is a cry baby and 80% of his machines are the SAME but with a different name, gets very boring and repetitious after the the first 20. Good work ghostmachine. At least your efforts have variety.



granit on 2014-11-06
Table version : WIP





delazeri494 on 2014-11-06
Table version : WIP

Showww Table .... 

pinbwiz on 2014-11-06
Table version : WIP

Another cool looking table wip recreation! thanks.

Everything you do is very welcome. I know there are purists who wish you could wait to make these perfect before releasing them, but FP has been slow lately, so having a few preview rough wip works is fine at times like this. Purists should pay attention to the WIP label & maybe avoid. But those who can't wait to play just try them & have fun.

Table detail

Dungeons and Dragons CAB WIP stats

byghostmachine, HappyCab
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Midway Manufacturing Company (1983-1988)
IPDB Number743

Added a different version from HappyCab. Who helped me clean up the textures. CAB version is just game itself.

I will need to do proper lights at a later time.


Dungeons & Dragons.

created in 1987.

During game testing i was able to score 7,197,363 points. Fun game to play. I was able to run the original music through

a graphic equalizer so it sounds good. If anyone wants to make the top strobe light box that originally came with the game

and also the moving ramp to the right this game will be complete. Also game room models are free to use

.....a gold chest, and wooden door.

This took almost 5 days to make. The ramp was the hardest part.

Enjoy the game-








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