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wild on 2018-11-01
Table version : 1.10

 thank you so much, is an honor for me these words, thanks

 Drax65...ok if you send me your

  e-mail..we can talk for a solution,also for DL

stragot:it does not work for you, the table works well.....maybe you do not have a good video card.....or in preferences/editor options/
remove the mark on loader image into table editor. or in video/rendering options
enable the minimum configuration(presents:)...ok


stragol on 2018-10-24
Table version : 1.10

dont work, whats config video for this tables ?

gavb73 on 2016-12-06
Table version : 1.10

This is an excellent original, thanks for sharing this

AlMundy on 2016-07-23
Table version : 1.10

Very impressive table and plays great! If it were real, I'd buy this machine. Thanks!

Drax65 on 2015-11-12
Table version : 1.10

Like Dragon's Lair it crashes after loading just after the Getting ready to play message. I don't understand why, all the others tables I have works flawlessly.Frown


kane on 2015-01-29
Table version : 1.10

thi stable,is spectacular, it seems the game arcade,game room.
thanks for your hard work

benucio on 2015-01-16
Table version : 1.10

It also lacks some adjustment, and ramps are not very well placed, but congratulation for hard work done! Thank you!

meliane39 on 2014-12-28
Table version : 1.10

Tongue outTongue outTongue out

moog on 2014-12-27
Table version : 1.10

put all files in the same folder (libraries - fpl - and table - pft)

Pinfritz on 2014-12-27
Table version : 1.10

it looks like an 5 star...but it doesn't work...and i HAVE the libraries...what can i do????


hyperball91 on 2014-12-11
Table version : 1.10

Thank you wild and Popotte for a cool table that plays like a video game. v1.1 fixed a few issues, thanks. Those flippers look nice :-) . Keep up the great work!

skinooe on 2014-12-11
Table version : 1.10

plays perfect with 1.0 physics! Awesome nice idea and now a part in my collection!

Thanks sooooo much!!!!CoolTongue out

If ball stucks: play without hacked FP1.0 exe and bam: perfect

hawkshaw on 2014-12-11
Table version : 1.10


Thanks Wild,,,,got it !

You and every one who worked on this are the best. Next on your list should be Phoenix - 1978 - Williams,,,,,,,,,,Thanks a bunch.

hauntfreaks on 2014-12-11
Table version : 1.10

ok... for people that are saying it isnt working for them and giving 1 star... the problem is on your side, if its working for 2 dozen other people, that should be a sign, its something with your setup and or puter... and giving one star because your setup isnt up todate,come-on isnt really fair is it?, use your heads

alhan on 2014-12-10
Table version : 1.10

wooooo,beautiful game,
thanks for your hard work.

thanks Coolagain


toniporta on 2014-12-10
Table version : 1.10

very  nice  this  table.

I  used  to  play  in  the game  roomin  this  arcade  game.
thanks guys

Yvandelmonte on 2014-12-09
Table version : 1.10


marche mais il manque dans les libraries

KOD_wizard.fpl ??? Cry


tout Marche bien

SUPER FLIP CoolLaughingWink



J'ai mit la 1.10 sur le 1.00 

la j'ai la table sans image

nu comme la peau de mes fesses?????

et j'ai plus la version 1.00 CryYell

mettre la version 1.00 en plus SVP



franklin on 2014-12-06
Table version : 1.00

weeee,great pinball, music and really very beautiful.

I love the dragons,thanks and congratulations,bro!


segawonderboy on 2014-12-04
Table version : 1.00

UPDATE: Yes, its the DYING Dragon sound of the original arcade game....and it sucks and yes i will change it.

Nice Work! (It works now)

Little bit anoying: Dragon sounds like a DUCK!

GOLDEN AXE would be better.... but you get the Stars for a very good and playable Table! 


ander on 2014-12-04
Table version : 1.00

Heh heh, a pinball based on a videogame—I always enjoy the irony. Awesome job!

ghostmachine on 2014-12-04
Table version : 1.00

THANKS {WILD} for response - IT CRASHES.. ive got an NVIDIA video card.. and ive ran Skyrim on my pc before.. not sure why its happening with this table ?? everyone else seems to have played it.. ehh.. its ok.. i guess.. i gave up trying to run this thing.. tried maybe 20 times.. no one else seems to have the crash.. hmm.. sorta strange.. Undecided if i find out why.. i will let you know..

joly on 2014-12-04
Table version : 1.00

une  belle  merci,  ce  flipper  fantastique,  merci  les  gars
vieux  souvenirsKiss

giuseppe on 2014-12-03
Table version : 1.00

Muy buena, felicidades

BIL on 2014-12-03
Table version : 1.00

Thank you very much for this beautiful original creation Wink

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-12-03
Table version : 1.00

merci bien.

police99 on 2014-12-03
Table version : 1.00

WoW!!! Funny table. Merci beaucoup

alukard on 2014-12-02
Table version : 1.00

surprise  great  table  well  done.

the  sounds  are  great,thank  you very Cool much

open6l on 2014-12-02
Table version : 1.00

Libaries have been added to original zip.


urielll on 2014-12-02
Table version : 1.00

very nice work here ;)

plasencia78 on 2014-12-02
Table version : 1.00

gran tabla, felicidades a los autores

momoch on 2014-12-02
Table version : 1.00

A lot of thanks to both authors and thank you also to all the contributors for this very beautiful original table realisation. An excellent work for our most great pleasure.

fuzzi23 on 2014-12-02
Table version : 1.00

Looks and plays great! Many thanks for the hard work!

@all: put the files from the libraries folder into the table folder.

Tuffy on 2014-12-02
Table version : V1.00

KOD_WIZARD.FPL is missing!!!

delazeri494 on 2014-12-02
Table version : V1.00

KOD_wizard.fpl ?? 

Table detail

The King of Dragons 1.10 stats

byPopotte homepage , Wild


Thanks to franzleo, MadMrMax, tti, slam, francisco and rom who have contributed in some way for this table.

You can toggle (by the toggle HUD key) the HUD.

You can toggle the number of balls (3-5) with the Special1Key.

You can toggle the mode (easy-normal) with the Special2Key.

The King of Dragons is a Capcom video game released in 1991.

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex