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Inhuman on 2013-01-05
Table version : 1.1

Awesome table but i can't see the scoreboard.

imaestro on 2012-05-31
Table version : 1.1

nice one

JDeuce96 on 2011-09-13
Table version : 1.1

Haha im sorry poice99 but I do not speak or understand french.

police99 on 2011-09-12
Table version : 1.1


La table est super bien fait et intéressante par sa conception, mais dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de pts, ça enlève beaucoup d'intérêt pour jouer plusieurs game. Il faut voir la table comme une table de pratique.


moog on 2011-09-11
Table version : 1.1

Should be OK now, sorry haven't checked before publishing!

Don't worry JDeuce96 we are reworking the table form. It will be much clearer... not really your mistake Wink

rcadefrk on 2011-09-11
Table version : 1.1

Awesome table jay, got a copy of this from vpf, great table great, LVR should be able to help you out with the upload, nice to see you posting here jay

Table detail

SaW 1.1 stats


SaW Pinball Rules And Instructions

- Player starts off with 7 balls per game.

-When coin is inserted, jigsaw immediately starts talking and explains what the player has to do.

-Beginning game will stop jigsaws instructions then game begins.

-The playeer has to complete 7 tests and can be compeleted in any order.
(NOTE) Tests 1 - 5 must be completed until tests 6 and 7 can be achieved.

- Test 1 - Drop both banks on left and right side.
- Test 2 - Hit 4 red targets near the bumpers at the top of the playfield.
- Test 3 - A red ramp is located on the left above the left bank, hit it 3 times.
- Test 4 - A red ramp located on the right beside a spinner, hit that 3 times.
- Test 5 - There is a kicker located at the very back of the playfield, hit that 3 times.
- test 6 - Hit the back playfield kicker when tests 1 - 5 have been completed and you will enter mini playfield.
hit all the red targets on the playfield then enter the kicker when the gate opens.
- Test 7 - When all 6 tests are complete hit the back playfield kicker again and you will enter the skill shot.

After all tests are completed, you win the game and the game ends.


A bank is located near the back playfield kicker with 3 targets, drop the bank and "lifesaver" is activated.
Life saver is the left outlane auto plunger.

A spinning saw blade is located near the flippers, Be Careful! It can throw the ball around causing it to sometimes
go where you dont want it to.

Hope Everone Enjoys!

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex