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jaynong on 2015-03-24
Table version : 4.00

I tried the high and low res but it crashes.


nanuk on 2015-03-15
Table version : 4.00

crash fp 

granit on 2015-02-11
Table version : 4.00


aucun plaisir de jeu


maxxdeta on 2015-02-07
Table version : 4.00

ball bounces

massico88 on 2015-01-23
Table version : 4.00

Got a question..??

I load the table..but just wont start..stay on the background pic.. anyone can help ??

Thank you.


Zorgar on 2015-01-21
Table version : 4.00

Plays well. Ramp shot works. Skyway is my way ;-)

LadyScarlett01 on 2015-01-20
Table version : 4.00

merci bien.

Works4me on 2015-01-19
Table version : 4.00

An easy 5,nice job.Keeping these oldies alive.

BIL on 2015-01-19
Table version : 4.00

Old table perfectly realized Smile

thank you very much Gianfranco Wink

hyperball91 on 2015-01-19
Table version : 4.00

Another beautiful old 50's woodie with excellent graphics and cab art. Thank you very much for this recreation Gianfranco, I really appreciate the hard work you do to recreate these tables we'll probably never see in real life.

momoch on 2015-01-18
Table version : 4.00

Oh Yeah ! Another Masterpiece in the category of Oldie's !
Un gran bel lavoro !
Thanks a lot Gianfranco.

hauntfreaks on 2015-01-18
Table version : 4.00

any one with a cab will love the hi-res vision of this table... you dont get a cleaner recreation of any table... this is once again another chance to play a table we might not ever see in reallife... thank you Gianfranco

police99 on 2015-01-18
Table version : 4.00

Merci, belle reproduction.

open6l on 2015-01-18
Table version : 4.00

granit: Why the 2 star? What is wrong with this release to warrant a 2-star?

fuzzi23 on 2015-01-17
Table version : 4.00

Another amazing job by franzleo! Many thanks for this beautiful old table! Smile

pinballshawn on 2015-01-17
Table version : 4.00

Such a great reproduction of a little seen table. These tables are becoming so scarce in real life, it's wonderful to be able to have them digitally.

Thank you for all the work on this table! It's beautiful:)

Table detail

Skyway 4.00 stats

byfranzleo homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Manufacturing Company (1944-1958)
IPDB Number2206

Making 1 to 8 Rollovers Scores 1 Replay and Lites

all 1 to 8 Rollovers for Replays.


Making 1 to 8 Lites Button to Advance 'SpecialBonusScore'.


Making 1 to 8 Lites Bottom Left and Right

Side Rollovers for 'Special'.


Bonus Score Builds Up and Remains On Until Made.


Ball thru return hole lites button to advance 'Special Bonus' and lites center kickout pocket to collect 'Special Bonus'


Ball in top center area is kicked onto elevated track to advance balls progressively 

along kickout pockets on right side of playfield.


Additional balls over elevated track, or thru left bottom rollover, advance balls in kickout pockets on right side until ball in bottom pockets goes thru return hole.


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