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FPM Editor 1.0.2 stats

by LvR, Steve Paradis
at 2012-12-13

FPM Editor for Future Pinball 1.9 is a third party standalone software and was entirely build to give to the user freedom of creativity. Everything, every toys you ever dreamed to see in 3D action are now there for everyone to enjoy!

 Your knowledge of FP is limited? since FPM Editor for FP 1.9 is a standalone program, you can still contribute as a toy maker for others. The will to learn a little bit of 3D is all you need.


FPM Editor for Future Pinball 1.9 is a creation of LvR from

Creative input, technical specs and documentation : Steve Paradis
Testing : RuckageTheNalex and Steve Paradis

Future Pinball is a property of Chris Leathley.


Changelog :  

• FPM Editor v1.0.2
A long time Steve's request. Now remember last directories when you load/save fpm/bmp/ms3d.

 • FPM Editor v1.0.1

This is just a maintenance release for a little bug when creating a plain new model.

 • FPM Editor v1.0

After a lot of work and a big help from Steve, I'm very proud to give you the FPM Editor Tool For FP 1.9. Hope you'll like it and use it to create the most beautiful tables with custom models!




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