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FP Addons SDK 2013-02-22 stats

by LvR
at 2013-03-22
SubtypeAdd On

What is it :

- All you need to load / manipulate in memory and save Future Pinball files.
- Static libs coded in pure C++, cross-plateform
- Command line tools in pure C++, cross-plateform
- FPM Editor in C++/Qt, cross-plateform
- Dev tools : Code::Blocks / MinGW 32bits under windows, GCC under linux, Qt SDK

:arrow: Compatibility :

- Can read all FP files (.fpm, .fpt, .fpl)
- Can save .fpm without restriction (use by FPM Editor)
- Can save .fpt, but be warn that the MAC file (a hashcode built by FP) is only build with win32 build, as it relies on win api right now.

:arrow: License : 


:arrow: Repository :

:arrow: Team :

- LvR : leader, main code
- sk1 : Table MAC reverse code, additional code
- TheNalex : additional code

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex