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Gfx2DmdF Gfx2DmdF stats


Gfx2DmdF stats

by Sebek74
at 2013-01-12

Just for now simple explanation what you can do with that:
* create your own font from set of characters stored as images 
* convert bigger images to multiple characters stored in one or more font files 
* convert set of DMD frames (grabbed from original game) to font files as the following characters 

Gfx2Dmd features: 
* support for individual animation frames containing multiple characters 
* separate size & color processing for each frame 
* cutting & scaling source images 
* customizable color conversion alghorithm for every frame 
* halftone & transparency support 
* customizable character & frame size 
* character layout managing: sorting, automatic character arrangement 
* support for various graphic formats: bmp, gif, png, jpg, tif 
* mass gfx import by drag & drop feature 
* source image & font preview window with magnification support 
* job storing & loading (linkning is possible) 
* existing font import 
* automatic splitting to several fonts during export 
* font integrity checking 
* color & frame preset copying/saving for further use

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex