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MS3D Blender - Importer/Exporter stats

by beta-tester
at 2013-01-12

this add-on allows you to import ms3d files to Blender and export ms3d from Blender.

at import time, all properties of the ms3d model will be stored to separate MS3D-panels in blender to have nearly 100% control of the available raw data. same for export. the exporter will only respect the data, that are stored in these MS3D-panels, to have absolute control, what will be stored in output file. that gives you the chance to tweak the output to your purpose and have all the features of ms3d, that blender does not handle or handle in an other way. but that means, you have to fill these MS3D-panels with proper values by hand. if your exported model does not look like as expected, check your MS3D-panels - specially the "MS3D-Material" panel.


This add-on only works up to Blender 2.79b. Blender 2.80 or higher is not supported anymore.


you can download blender 2.79b on the following link:

Blender 2.79b


if you wish to use also the FPx add-on, to import FP-tables, i suggest to download the latest developer version of blender 2.79, because that includes all the required add-ons already:

Blender 2.79 latest



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