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Tool, FP-Trace - adds SVG data to FPT 2013-04-03c stats

by beta-tester
at 2013-04-03

i made a tool,
that can add SVG vector path objects to an existing FuturePinball table.
(it based on the "FP Addons SDK")

how to call/execute from command line:
command line:> "<FP-Trace.exe>""<input.svg-file>""<input.fpt-file>"
<FP-Trace.exe> the application
<input.svg-file> the input SVG file
<input.fpt-file> the input FPT file
(the input FPT file will not be touched - a new output table will be created with name "<input.fpt>.patch.fpt")

currently it is limited / tested to inkscape SVG files.

known limitations:
- only inkscape output is tested.
- only vector path objects can be recognized.
- unknown behavior, if path objects are combined or non continued path objects.
- translation, rotation, skew transformation are not supported.
- dimensions and units are not supported.
- there is no name collision detecting - if an element name is already existing in the source table, it may result in a corrupt output table.

in inkscape, giving the vector path objects a proper Id-name, controls how it will appear in FP:
following names can be handled:
"Surface", "Light", "Rubber", "Guide", "WireGuide", "WireRamp", "Ramp".
- if you give the name "SurfaceComplexObject123", it will be added as a surface,
- if you give the name "LightObject123", it will be added as a shapeable light,
all objects, its Id-name does not match, will be added as surface.

in inkscape, press [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[O], adjust the Id name and press [Set] to apply the new name.


EDIT 2013-04-03: added a FP-Trace.cfg file. that gives you the chance to change some options...
- substitute options, to change the prefix namings to control object assignments.
- curve options, to tweak shape point interpolation. (to enlarge/reduce the number of points and the mode how to calculate)
with wrong settings, it may boost the count to many thousand points


EDIT 2013-04-03b: automatic detection and correction of wrong point order.
the object always appear in FP in the game - even when the order is incorrect in SVG.
no need to reverse path by hand in inkscape ("Path -> Reverse").


EDIT 2013-04-03c: added new option to FP-Trace.cfg,
- point option, to make all points to sharp.
- curve options, to turn off curve interpolation.

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