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Tool, FP-Glow - transforms surfaces to lights 2013-04-25 stats

by beta-tester
at 2013-04-25

i made a tool,
that can transform surface objects (plastics) to shapeable lights to an existing FuturePinball table.
(it based on the "FP Addons SDK")

how to call/execute from command line:
command line:> "<FP-Glow.exe>""<input.fpt>"
<FP-Glow.exe> the application
<input.fpt> the input FPT file
(the input FPT file will not be touched - a new output table will be created with name "<input.fpt>.patch.fpt")

or much easier, you open one the fp-glow folder in the windows explorer, open an other folder that contains your table you want to patch, drag that table over the FP-Glow.exe and let it drop. then it will create the patched table in the same folder, where the source table is.

all surfaces of the table will be transformed to shapeable lights objects and will be added to the table (the source surfaces stays untouched).
what will give you the chance to easily simulate glowing effects of surfaces.
- the new shapeable lights objects will have the exact same shape as the surface.
- they will be placed at the level of the underlying surface.
- they will be placed on layer 4 in the editor.
- does the surface has a texture, the light will get the same texture, its cookie cut attribute will be copied as well.
- all added lights will blink by default, so you easily can see on the playfield that lights, in case you forgot to adjust them.

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