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FP Companion Tools 2.3 stats

by LvR
at 2012-12-13

Companion Tools for Future Pinball 1.9 are third party standalone softwares serve to help table designer during the building process.

Here is the tools list :
   fp-dump : dump the content of a .fpm/.fpt/.fpl in a readable format.
   fp-grab : extract all the resources from .fpm/.fpt/.fpl files.


Changelog : 

• 2011.11.21 : v2.3
- some more field decoded.
- fp-dump and fp-grab can now be parametrized with a cfg file. 


• 2011.10.06 : v2.2

- fp-grab now export script.vbs included in .fpt file.


• 2011.10.05 : v2.1
- A small correction with fp-grab which produced error when input file didn't have / in path.


• 2011.10.04 : v2.0 
- fpt-dump and fpm-dump have been merge into fp-dump, wich also dump .fpl content now. 
- fp-grab is a new tool that extracts all resources from .fpm/.fpt/.fpl Future Pinball files.


• 2010.05.20 : v1.0
- first release.

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